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The School of Life (Beautiful Bangladesh) Admission Going on...mp4 [03:37]
বাংলাদেশ আমি গর্বিত আজ, তোমায় মা ডাকতে পারে ... বাতাসে ওই নতুন এর নিশান জানান দেয়, আজ এসেছে সময়, চল গড়ি আজ সেই ব্যবধান যা বদলে দেবে আজকের আমাকে নতুন এক আগামীর দিকে... special thanks to Gazi Shubhro to make up proud.
Tags: tourism, বাংলাদেশ, bangladesh, bd, school of life, school of art, school of hope, School of adventure,, bangladeshtourism, admission going on, red dot, Grey bangladesh, Gazi shubhro, mahafuz aziz, aveek, cricket world cup 2

Beautiful Bangladesh - Admission Going On [03:37]
Bangladesh, the school of spirit, the school of bravery, the school of talent, the school of playfulness, the school of celebration, the school of happiness, the school of hope, the school of mysticism, the school of freedom, the school of adventure, the school of togetherness, the school of love, the school of life - Admission going on! DIRECTED BY:GAZI N SHUVRO MUSIC:ADIT AND PRITHWI RAZ
Tags: bangladesh, beautiful bangladesh, ICC cricket, world cup cricket 2011, banlgadesh cricket, bangladesh parzatan

School of Life - Bangladesh [HQ] [03:37]
Spirit... bravery... talent... playfulness... celebration... happiness... hope... mysticism... freedom... adventure... togetherness... art... welcome to the School of Life... admission is going on!
Tags: Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Tourism

Traffic / Street Scene in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Part 2) - Road Junkie Snippets 48 [01:46]
Traffic in Old Dhaka can be off the charts at times. It´s impossible not to notice the plethora of transportation options & the diversity of vehicles that form the chaos on the streets. It´s an amazing and surreal experience to witness first hand. In late 2007 a rumbling occurred deep in the tropical waters of the Bay of Bengal. Within hours of Cyclone Sidr smashing into southwest Bangladesh, the world's media and aid organisations were on the move and Bangladesh was about to find herself wrenched back out of obscurity and once again presented to the global community as a classic 'basket case' (as Henry Kissinger once described the country) of disaster. The pictures and stories that emerged from Bangladesh at that time portrayed an entire nation on its knees, but this was only a half-truth for within hours of the storm hitting, the majority of the country was back on its feet and operational. This wasn't the first time that Bangladesh had been dismissed as a no-hope nation, and it probably won't be the last. But no matter what the opinion of the wider world is, this dynamic country proudly considers itself to be an active participant in an increasingly global community. In defiance of its stuttering development and the weight of historical tragedy that it bears, it is a nation charged with perseverance and promise, and one from which we could all learn a thing or two. For the great irony is that while images of devastation were beamed nightly into Western living rooms and ...

Angkor Wat - Siem Rep, Cambodia (cambodia boarder entry points, how many angkor wat turrets) [02:39]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Siem Rep, Cambodia by TravelPod blogger Marie_mc. See this TripWow and more at Angkor Wat "We found out that the travel company had waited for us the day before when we were a no show! So we decided to get to our pickup point nice and early at 7.30am! Who said travelling was late nights and lay ins!!! We had to wait for 3 hours at a roundabout as the coach was delayed picking us up. Eventually we got onto our coach which was to take us to the Thai / Cambodia border. We got front seats to get the best view. The problem was as with most drivers in Asia, this driver was kamakazi! 30 minutes into our journey as we left Bangkok at a toll stop he decided to break late and managed to hit the car in front!! Luckily no one was hurt! We later found out the coach had a faulty break!!!!! Now unlike the UK you have to wait for an insurance broker to come out to inspect the damage before you move on. So we now had further delays to our late journey! We finally got to the border 5 hours later than we had hoped. Once you cross the Thai border into international land the place is full of very large casinos!! We decided to stop and have lunch in one of them for the experience and we had a 4-6 hour journey the other side. The food was rubber and rubbish.....nevermind! People don't come here for the food! The building was full of slot machines and gaming tables! Like a mini Vegas, without the glamour!! We then headed to ...
Tags: siemrep, manila-siem rep, siemrep air, siemrep and angkorwat, siem rep tuk tuk driver, cambodia boarder entry points, border bangkok, how many angkor wat turrets, chillout bar, old pools, chill out bar, tree attack, sunrise and cross, trees eating things,

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