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Nilgiri,Chimbuk and tribal people in banderban [02:24]
there a some places i have visited in bandarban. hope you'll enjoy and make a wish to visit bandarban.
Tags: tribal, places, interesting, bangladesh, bandarban, nilgiri, nilachol, shoilo, propat, scenery, hills, Nature, Culture, Travel, Destination, Tribe

Impacting Little Lives in Bangladesh [05:26]
Impact Foundation Bangladesh : A small organization, which began with a few volunteers, has grown into an institution that has over 162 full-time employees and several hundred community volunteers. The projects of IFB has gained national and international recognition and helped to indicate our commitment to eradicate preventable disability from rural Bangladesh. A Leg To Stand On has a continuing loyal partnership with Impact Foundation Bangladesh. Supporting and empowering disabled children by directly funding the cost of their orthopaedic procedures, appliances, corrective surgeries & rehabilitation - Giving them mobility and independence in their lives. ©WorkingEdgePictures
Tags: ALTSO, Disabled Children, Children, Disability, IFB, Impact Foundation Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Hospital, Aid Organization, health, Rehabilitation, surgery, orthopedic, mobility, Developing World, legs

28 November Crowdsourced Travel Update - 28 days to go [01:45]
There's 28 days left in my campaign to promote Bangladeshi tourism. With almost $5000 raised, we are well on our way to producing "Positive Light" ( for Bangladesh. We hope you can join our project and/or contribute pledges! Bangladeshi people deserve this opportunity to participate in world travel.
Tags: Mikey Leung, Crowdsourced Travel, Positive Light, Sajid Chowdhury, Bangladesh, Travel Photography, mikeyleung, dotca

3 ½ minutes of Bangladesh-School of life..Admission going on...[HD] [03:37]
Welcome to the Beautiful Bangladesh.. The School Of Spirit, Bravely, Talent, Playfulness, Celebration, Happiness, Hope, Mysticism, Freedom, Adventure, Togetherness, Art & Love... Welcome To The School Of Life.. Admission Going On.. Credits: Producer and Director: Gazi Shubhro Colorist:...
Tags: Bangladesh, Beautiful, The, School, Of, Spirit, Talent, Celebration, Happiness, Hope, Mysticism, Freedom, Adventure, Togetherness, Art, Love, Cox's, Bazar, Bandarban, Nilgiri, Chittagong, Kaptai, Gopalgonj, Tungipara, Bagerhaat, Mongla, Sundarbans, Khulna

This is the bengli air force testing a new bomb thing, hope you like it and you could use it as sound effect. Also did you notice that the sound you hear comes after what you see why??? Because Light is faster then Sound
Tags: airplanes, aviation, bangladesh, tags, to, attract, people, nigahiga, fred, raywilliamjohnson, humzaproduction, shane, flying, youtube, dawson, helicopter, jet

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