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Ghale Treks and Tours Promotional Movie [01:53]
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Chak Bazaar [02:21]
and whole sell price. Besides this cloth shop, lungi (man dress ), stationary and electronics shops are available here. Retail sellers all over the country bought goods from here. This market starts everyday on 9:00 am and closed on 7:00 pm. Friday is the weekly holiday of Chak Bazaar. A famous architecture of Mughol period, named Shahi mosjid is situated here. Chak Bazer is also famous for Alauddin Sweetmeats and Bombay sweet of old Dhaka. ... chak bazaar dhaka bangladesh 80+1 live virtual tour ...
Tags: chak, bazaar, dhaka, bangladesh, 80+1, live, virtual, tour

Mirpur 10 Markets [02:10]
, bookstalls, stationery shops and many other products are available in this area. The markets are famous for low prices There are also many tea wallas, jalmuri wallas, piara wallas active in the area providing both the shopkeepers and customers with cheap snacks. Among the small shopping centers the best known are Shah Ali Plaza and Anwar Mansion, which have about 400 shops between them. Saturday is the weekly holiday for this market. ... "mirpur 10" dhaka market bangladesh street bazaar ...
Tags: mirpur 10, dhaka, market, bangladesh, street, bazaar

Hanging Out With The Bangladeshi Hare Krishnas [03:54]
. They were very jolly, and we sang Hare-Krishna all the way to the top. It certainly made the last half of the climb easier. Up top I was rewarded with spectacular views of both Pushkar and the deserts of Rajasthan. There were also monkeys-a-plenty, and they showed no fear whatsoever, neither if humans nor of bees. ... Travel holiday tourism India Rajasthan Pushkar "Hare Krishna" Bangladesh monkeys temple mandir joy gouranga rama krishna puja prayer ceremony pilgrimage hindu priest sunset view ...
Tags: Travel, holiday, tourism, India, Rajasthan, Pushkar, Hare Krishna, Bangladesh, monkeys, temple, mandir, joy, gouranga, rama, krishna, puja, prayer, ceremony, pilgrimage, hindu, priest, sunset, view

DUBAI 2006 [02:55]
VACTION IN DUBAI 2006 ... dubai holiday kazikool uae shangrila burj alarb scunthorpe scotter dhaka sylhet bangladesh
Tags: dubai, holiday, kazikool, uae, shangrila, burj, alarb, scunthorpe, scotter, dhaka, sylhet, bangladesh

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