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Nilkhat Book Market [02:57]
There are 2500 book stalls in this market. Everyday about 15-20 thousand students come here to fulfill their need. This market is divided into two parts book section and print section. Pint sections weekly holiday on Friday and book sections holiday on Tuesday. Huge quantity of books and publications has been distributed around the country from here. This is the target market of students from low and middle class family. ... Nilkhat Dhaka Book Market Bangladesh Old New Publication Printing ...
Tags: Nilkhat, Dhaka, Book, Market, Bangladesh, Old, New, Publication, Printing, Photocopy

Shishu Mela [01:05]
cassettes shops, a food corner, toys and fashion items shops selling goods inside the park. Every Friday and Saturday and all government holidays this park attracts huge numbers of parents and their children, particularly lower middle class and marginalized children and their parents, who dont have the option to visit the modern Children Park because it is expensive. In a city of bricks, this is a really a good place for refreshment and peace. ... "shishu mela shamoli" dhaka market steet ...
Tags: shishu mela shamoli, dhaka, market, steet, bangladesh

Bangladesh Trip [10:46]
Photos of a small group trip I went on to Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2006..... I'd reccommend anyone and everyone to go on a trip to a developing country, not living it up at all the tourist flash places, living it like the people that are from there......will definitely show you what matters in life, and prove that all that materialistic stuff means nothing. Some of the most beautiful children in the world, I saw on that trip......beautiful. :) Songs played here are: A breathe away and Alot to ...
Tags: Bangladesh, Trip, Holiday, Dhaka, Poverty, Slums, Slumdog Millionaire, Beautiful Children, Mission, Group Trip, CNG, Tuktuk, Shooting Stars

Chobir Hat, Flower Market and Shishu Park [04:00]
here with their children. As Friday is holiday, the highest number of visitor come here in this day. However this is the best place of childrens recreation in Dhaka. There are many kinds rider available here. Some fast food shops are also found in Shishi Park. The entry fee of Shishu park is eight Taka per head. As huge number of children comes here, many mobile toy shops, Bangla food stall sit in front of Shishu park. ... Shahabag flower market chobirhat charukola shishupark dhaka ...
Tags: Shahabag, flower, market, chobirhat, charukola, shishupark, dhaka, bangladesh, bazaar

exoticgolfholidays [03:02]
Exotic Golf Holidays The WHOLE Indian Ocean ONE...! ... golf holidays vacations thailand cambodia vietnam malaysia borneo bali java australia sri lanka south africa kenya egypt nepal bangladesh iogha
Tags: golf, holidays, vacations, thailand, cambodia, vietnam, malaysia, borneo, bali, java, australia, sri, lanka, south, africa, kenya, egypt, nepal, bangladesh, iogha

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