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Al Razzaque Restaurant [01:41]
goes smoothly with its professional management system. But the price of food is expensive compare to other general restaurants of Dhaka city. But people choose it for its good well on traditional cooking, hygienity and professional services. Belongs to this restaurant there is juice bar and a residential hotel in upstairs. There is no weekly holiday in Al Razzaque Restaurant . It opens at 6 AM and closes at 12 PM each day. ... Al Razzaque Restaurant hotel dhaka bangladesh bangla traditional food ...
Tags: Al, Razzaque, Restaurant, hotel, dhaka, bangladesh, bangla, traditional, food

Roy Shahab Bazaar [01:40]
stationery, glossary, fruits shop, restaurant are also seen here. Roy Shahab Bazaar is mainly famous for hardware shops. This is the one market between two whole sale hardware markets of the country. There are about 70 whole sale hardware shops in this market. Nat-boltu, chatki, zinari, pipe, haturi and other many iron things are sale here. This market starts everyday on 8:00 am and closed on 8:00 pm. Friday is the weekly holiday of Roy Shahab Bazaar. ... Roy Shahab Bazaar Dhaka Market ...
Tags: Roy, Shahab, Bazaar, Dhaka, Market, Bangladesh

Bangla Bazaar [02:55]
sellers from around the country buy books from here as main books source of Bangladesh. However in the street of Bangla bazaar seasonal fruits also sale in the temporary hocker shops. This market starts everyday on 8:00 am and closed on 9:00 pm. Friday is the weekly holiday of Bangla Bazaar. There are more than about 2500 various kinds of shops here. All owners of shops make Bazer shomitee in together. Total bazaar is controlled by this Bazaar Vonick Shomitee. There is more than 2000 ...
Tags: Bangla, bazaar, bazar, old, dhaka, bangladesh, 80+1

B1 - Bangladesh&India 1992-1993 [09:45]
Michel and Gaby's trip to Bangladesh and India during 1992 and 1993... Enjoy! ... michel gaby world tour trip holiday bangladesh india tourist culture
Tags: michel, gaby, world, tour, trip, holiday, bangladesh, india, tourist, culture

Gulistan [02:34]
warrant to the quality of products. However in the center part of Gulistan; as like as traffic island the Gulap Shah Shrine spreading the spiritual info and inspiration to restless people of Gulistan. Everyday a large number of followers visit Gulap Shahs Shrine where they donate and pray with total devotion to fulfill the desires and good luck. There is no holiday in the Gulistan street market. Generally it starts at 8:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM ... gulistan street market bazaar dhaka ...
Tags: gulistan, street, market, bazaar, dhaka, bangladesh

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