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Destination Nafakum Part-5: Remakri [02:22]
Remakri is a small village comprised of 20-30 houses mostly with an adjacent shops . The place is peaceful and the people are friendly. The locality was just like a living picture. Elders gathered into small groups chatting quietly and smoking tobacco, children playing, hills surrounding all the direction. Peace and love!!

Edge of the Altiplano - Arica, Chile (altiplano de chile videos, bangladesh customshouse, slide) [01:01]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Arica, Chile by TravelPod blogger Rachel_john. See this TripWow and more at Edge of the Altiplano "We take a flight up to Arica with LAN Chile, on the way briefly stopping at Iquique to pick up and drop off passengers. The plane flies along an arid coastline of interminable brownness bathed in hot Autumn sunshine. A never-ending steep escarpment seems to rise up out of the ocean into the hazy sky. This is the Altiplano, an area 3000-4000m above sea level, peppered with 6000m high volcanoes, where only the hardy survive. We hope to visit this desolate landscape from Arica in the next few days. We land at the airport, pick up our bags, enjoying the feeling of lightness, since we posted 13kg of camping equipment back to England. Outside its all flat, dusty, and brown, although I can make out the cliffs in the distance marking out the abrupt rise into the Altiplano. Surprisingly its not that hot, only maybe low twenties, which is a pleasant surprise. We negotiate a taxi for 4000 Pesos (about GBP4.00) to take us the 18km to Sunny Days Hostal in town. We are greeted by a friendly Kiwi called Ross who chats about how we can visit the Altiplano over juice and homemade cakes. He shows us our room which will cost us 7000 Pesos each per night (about GBP7.00) including breakfast and free internet. The next day Rachel and I go in to town to see if we can hire a car for two days to visit Parque Nacionale Lauca on ...
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Dhaka - Dhaka City, Bangladesh (ahmed art foundation rickshaw dhaka, jamuna rickshaw art) [01:48]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Dhaka, Bangladesh by TravelPod blogger Tsargood. See this TripWow and more at Dhaka "On the train journey from Rajshahi to Dhaka we spot the first Westerners. They are an older couple who have been living in Bangladesh for many years and teach at the University in Rajshahi. They say the only see tourists once in a blue moon and that it's usually friends or family that they have invited! We make friends with a couple of very friendly businessmen who are sitting opposite us and spend a good 5 hours chatting with them. We cross the enormous Jamuna river (about 3km wide) on the one and only bridge and are soon pulling into our final destination, which is some way out of Dhaka. The train pulling out of the station as we pull in is absolutely rammed with people - hanging out the doors and windows and balancing precariously on the roof. Our new friends direct us into a taxi then onto a bus before saying goodbye. They pay all the fares for us, but won't accept any money. They have given us their phone numbers and insist we call them if we need any help at all while we're in Dhaka. We've never experienced such profound hospitality before! So we've finally made it to the capital city, where the air is as thick, hot and unpleasant as warm sewage. It's a public holiday, so perhaps a little quieter than usual, which isn't really very quiet. We take a horrendous hotel room, which reeks of urine, has a colony of ...
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Mermaid Eco Resort, Bangladesh [01:05]
Mermaid Eco Resort is a concern of Mermaid Eco Tourism Ltd. Mermaid Eco Tourism Ltd. is an innovative sustainable company promoting eco tourism in Bangladesh through alternative business ideas. Our company currently has organic restaurants, eco resorts and art gallery. Our target is to provide people with intelligent luxury and being responsible towards the nature in doing so. By Intelligent Luxury we mean the architectural and design theme that we follow and believe. Our vernacular architecture along with the modern yet sustainable design makes us stand out in the crowd and gives us a distinct identity. Our attention to details makes us a unique experience to explore. The usage of the local raw materials and recycled materials make us have a close to 0 carbon emission and very weather friendly. Our restaurants are specialized in serving the absolute fresh and organic items grown by us and available in the bazaar. Our Chefs are mostly local young lads who are trained by master chefs from around the world. 80% of our employees are from the surrounding local area providing a better lifestyle and economic stability.
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Dhaka, Bangladesh - New Market [01:10]
Great place for shopping, one of the only place in the whole city where middle-class women roam freely without their frowning, pot-bellied husbands. Many friendly people chat up foreigners on the overpass. Had great fun in this place!

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