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Bangladesh Rush Mela Photostory by Shabbir Ferdous [05:54]
its photo story of Rush Mela, Dublar Char, Sundarbans, Bangladesh. Photographed in november 1st, 2009 Rash Mela is a 200 year old annual festival honoring the Hindu God Lord Krishna. Every year its held on "Rash Purnima" (Rash Full Moon) which was 1st of November. This date varies year to year depending of the lunar cycle determined by the Hindu astrologers. Dublar island famous and infamous as well. The cyclone those hits bay of Bengal mostly ends up hitting this area. Its in the southern edge of the great Sundarbans inhabited by seasonal fishermen who lives there few months of the year. There is no regular transportation system to go there. Only way to reach there is by boat. And safest time would be during winter when the sea is calm. The fair on the Dubla island was started in 1923 by Hari Bhajan, a disciple of Thakur Hari Chand. The life of Hari Bhajan was very extraordinary. During his stay in Sundarbans for twenty four years, he lived on the fruits of the forest. He had many disciples in nearby villages. One of his notable works was to start the Dubla Rash Mela during the Rash Purnima. To celebrate the occasion and keep alive the memory of Thakur Hari Chand, the devotees, especially the fishermen of the Sundarbans, organise this five-day fair.
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MY BANGLADEAH --- School of Life [03:51]
MY homeland holds the true beauty of nature. It has the worlds longest sea beach & the worlds largest man grove forest. The green hills of Bandarbans, Rangamati & the green tea gardens of Sylhet. The true beauty can only be reveled with your own come; see for yourself.
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travel to sonadia island 25_08_10.wmv [03:21]
Boating in a forest Sonadia Island is located off the coast of Cox's bazar in Bangladesh. A pristine environment still prevails in Sonadia with both natural and replanted mangroves - planted by DOE/UNDP and by the Forest Department. About 400-500 families live in the island whose major occupation is fishing in the sea. As you enter in the island you will see that you could be boating inside the forest.

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