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Bangladesh Biman Fleet [01:21]
Bangladesh Biman fleet 2012.
Tags: Biman, Bangladesh, Fleet, 2012, Iceberg1333

Mannan Chagol of Dohar Dhaka [02:06]
Minister of Bangladesh, Mr Mannan of Dohar had a meeting at Dohar. He brought a big fleet of vechicles ( Guards, Chamchas, etc etc) and parked on the road causing grid loack (Traffic Jam) on a narrow street. You can see that one car can barely put one car but this jack ass Minister parked and put the street on hault.
Tags: Dohar, Mannan, Minister, Bangladesh, Jack, ass

Biman Announcement [02:48]
Comedy for Biman's onboard announcement. Photo credits:, & Imran Asif. ... Biman Bangladesh Airlines dc10 a310 707 f28 announcement dhaka zia kul lhr man
Tags: Biman, Bangladesh, Airlines, dc10, a310, 707, f28, announcement, dhaka, zia, kul, lhr, man

Biman's Fleet Modernization
Biman Bangladesh Airlines ltd. ordered 4 Boeing 787-800, 777-300 and two 737-800 which will join in few years but 4 Boeing 777s, two 737 and 1 more 747 will be added soon in few months to years. ... Biman Bangladesh 787 777 737 Biman's fleet New Bangldesh
Tags: Biman, Bangladesh, 787, 777, 737, Biman's, fleet, New, Bangldesh

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