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Durga Puja 2010 part 1 [00:57]
Info about Durga Puja : Recorded by me Hope you enjoy it and don't forget the mantra Watch-Like-Subscribe! :D
Tags: durga, puja, festival, 2010, fun, tradition, bengali, vampriti, priti, hindu, bangladesh, dhakeswari, temple, ramna, jagharnath

Taize in Manila. Part 3/4 [09:46]
Diyos ay pag - ibig ( God is forgiveness). "Our Father" in Filipino language. European and American Group Greeting. Festival of nations: China. Bangladesh. India with Jai Ho song. Australia and Aborygens :)
Tags: Taize, Manila, Diyos, ay, pag, ibig, God, is, forgiveness)., Our, Father, in, Filipino, language., European, and, American, Group, Greeting, Festival, of, nations:, China., Bangladesh., India, Jai, Ho, song., Australia, Aborygens

CCF'09SlideSow(720p).wmv [04:54]
A slide show dedicated to the hard working volunteers of the Canterbury Children's Festival 2009.
Tags: children, volunteer, canterbury, festival, campsie, Harcourt, Public, School, Sierra, Leone, Japanese, Arabic, Bangladesh, Animal, farm, Police, Channel, Colouring, Competition, Pirate, Fairy, Lanterns, arts, and, craft, Humphrey, Bear, Sikh, Children's,

Korbani.flv [03:58]
Once I was reading a book about micro financial loans in Bangladesh that persuaded me to start shooting a film on that subject. Two weeks after I bought plane tickets for Kolkata and quit my job. In the beginning of November, I was in a bus, on my way for a country I didn't know anything about, even that most of the people don't speak English over there! Everybody was constantly staring at me or following me, all signs were written in Bengali letters, I could never know were I was .. This was really scary ... for the few first moments. Then, I had to experiment Bengali incredible sense of hospitality: anytime, anywhere no one would ever let me go to the hotel or the restaurant, although it wasn't difficult at all to travel as everybody just always pushed me in the right bus. In Dhaka City I met Sanjida Rahman, an incredible business woman that had more guts and grit than can be imagined. She took me to her family village Dhubaria, where I shot this short documentary about the muslim festival Eid al-Adha with the help of her oncle, AK Sayeedur Rahman. Back in Paris since two months I am working further on my film project before I can fly back to Bangladesh.
Tags: Bangladesh, Korbani, Muslim, Dhubaria, Tangail, Sayeedur Rahman, Sanjida Rahman, Nathalie Heydel, Eid al-Adha, sacrifice, cow

Sonargaon-Sholapith [06:32]
The Folk Arts Festival and Fair at Sonargaon Bangladesh. There was a family, three generations, of 'Sholapith' craftworkers making moving toys, ornaments and flowers from shola - the same material that the Hindu wedding hats or coronets were made from which I had been drawing in the museum and seen in Old Dhaka. Shola's scientific name is Aeschynomene Aspera, a herbaceous plant which grows in marshland. Using few tools, other than two very sharp knifes, a range of skillful and carefully made cuts, combined with a knowledge of and sensitivity to the material resulted in the flowers 'appearing'.There is something magical about the process.
Tags: Bangladesh, Sonargaon, Folk Art Festival, MSSP Fellowship, Craft, Shola

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