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Bangladesh RailwayTrain ride on Nakshikantha [Rajbari-Khulna] Express from Rajbari to Khustia. [09:23]
Nakshikantha Express train is a mail train. Ei mail train Khulna theke Rajbarir goalondo ghat porjonto cholachol kore. Abar goalondo ghat theke ei mail train Khulnar dike chole jai. Ekhane small part video kore dekhano holo. video korar shomoy speed chilo 85 km/hr. Rajbari theke Poradah junction porjonto 85 km/hr speed e chole but poradah theke khulna porjonto er speed 90 to 95 km/hr hoi. Hope you like it. Thank you.
Tags: Bangladesh, Railway, Nakshikantha, Express, mail, train.mp4

Parabat Express [01:27]
going to nanabari,akhaura by train
Tags: Bangladesh, Railway

Prime Express - Bangladeshi [00:31]
IATA Accredited and ATOL Licensed Travel agent in Oldham, UK. In Travel business since 1990s. Worldwide money transfer ... bangladeshi oldham bangladesh sylhet dhaka hajj umra fares flight emirates tickets airlines manchester air
Tags: bangladeshi, oldham, bangladesh, sylhet, dhaka, hajj, umra, fares, flight, emirates, tickets, airlines, manchester, air

Spring Festival/ Boshonto Uthshob
Fatua and Shari. The women used yellow, colorful shari with Bangladeshi fashion. The young people enjoyed very much and express the original identity of Bangalee culture and spirit. Countrywide, the cultural organisations, clubs of school and collage celebrate this festival with festivities mind and joyful traditional event. Video & Editing: J. Alam Idea & direction: Shahjahan Siraj Copyright: Machizo Multimedia © Machizo Multimedia, 2008 ... Festival Spring Bangladesh Dance Song Culture Events ...
Tags: Festival, Spring, Bangladesh, Dance, Song, Culture, Events

First Love
contribution to saving the children lives and total devotion for loving babies. Within the minute the documentary express breast feeding is totally linked with true love. Through the milk the love transmit to the baby by which whole one be linked to totally with mother. Its give inspiration and eternal affection to personalities of children. As like as all children of world, Bangladeshi children also loves mother more than their selves. "Breast feeding not only transfer the food but ...
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