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BD_2012_Ekushey February 2012.flv [09:01]
From the Internet: After independence in 1947, in East Bengal there was growing tension between local Bengali-speakers and Urdu-speaking migrants, who were seen as being the collaborators of an increasingly unpopular West Pakistani regime. In February 1952, students protesting against the imposition of Urdu as the national language of Pakistan were gunned down. These students became known as the Language Martyrs and their struggle is commemorated in the Shahid Minar memorials that stand in Dhaka, Tower Hamlets and Oldham. The Language Movement that grew from these events is often seen as the start of the struggle for independence in East Pakistan, which led to the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. আমার ভাইয়ের রক্তে রাঙানো একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano Ekushey February is a Bangla song which was written by Abdul Gaffar Choudhury to mark the Bengali Language Movement in the 1950s in East Pakistan. Every year on 21 February, People of Bangladesh pay homage to those killed in the Language Movement demonstrations by singing: Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano Ekushey February: How can I ever forget the twenty-first of February? ---------------------------------------------- Dino Kaka, Lella Kaki & Friends would show their Respect for LANGUAGE MARTYRS by sharing this video taken on February 21, 2012 at Rishilpi's Campus in Gopinathpur, Binerpota, Satkhira - Bangladesh
Tags: Ekushey February, Bangladesh

Ekushey'r Gaan [02:51]
"Amar Bhai er rokte rangano ekushey february .... ami ki bhulte pari.." this is a tribute by the five friends Parveg, Apon, Aiman, Rockon and Sagor to the Language martyrs who gave their lives just for the establishment of their mother tongue--- Bangla ...
Tags: amar bhai er rokte rangano, ekushe february, language martyrs, bangla song, bangla, bangladesh, MC Aimz, Apon, parveg, vasha andolon, Bengali Language

O prithibi ebar eshe Bangladesh nao chine [06:04]
Song: O prithibi ebar eshe Bangladesh nao chine Singers: Artist : Balam, Mila, Arnob, Kona, Nancy, Ibrahim Tipu and Elita Venue: ICC Cup Cricket 2011, Opening Ceremony, Bangabandhu Nationatiol Statium, Dhaka, Bangladesh LYRICS: O prithibi ebar eshe Bangladesh nao chine O prithibi tomay janai swagoto ei dine... Joy dekhechi prothom jedin voy giyechi vule Joy dekhechi ekush jedin elo matha tuley... Joy dekhechhi shurjo otha ekattorer diney... O prithibi ebar eshe Bangladesh nao chiney O prithibi tomai janai swagoto ei dine... Amar ache digbijoyee dirgho shagor teer Akash chuye thai dariye shundoree praachir... Joyer nesha Bangladesher hridoy gohine... O prithibi ebar eshe Bangladesh nao chiney O prithibi tomay janai swagoto ei dine... Surjo niye urchhe shobuj, obak manushjon Ke shoneni amar desher bagher gorjon? Laal shobujer ei potaka jachchhe notun diney... O prithibi ebar eshe Bangladesh nao chiney O prithibi tomai janai swagoto ei dine...
Tags: prithibi, eibar, eshe, Bangladesh, nao, chine, ICC, 2011, blu-ray, hd, hq, 2012, nahin, farha, moonanjan, anjanmoon

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