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Launching Event of 'Cataplana Algarve'.... [01:39]
Launching Event of Nando's new Portuguese Dish 'Cataplana Algarve' @ Nando's Dhanmondi on 07/12/11
Tags: Nando's, Bangladesh, Restaurant, Nando's Bangladesh, Nandos, Nandos Bangladesh, Dhaka, Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Kfc, Pizza Hut, Cataplana, Algarve, Cataplana Algarve, Portuguese Dish, Portugal, Bangla Vision, Bangla TV

Launching of Nando's Home Delivery [00:30]
On the 11th of November 2011, Nando's Bangladesh launched their Home Delivery Service for the first time in Bangladesh. There are currently 2 Nando's Restaurants in Dhaka and they are delivering the famous Peri -- Peri Chicken to the residents of guests who will be ordering Home Delivery. The Delivery Hotline for Nando's Gulshan is -- 01841-996644 The Delivery Hotline for Nando's Dhanmondi is- 01841-113322
Tags: Nandos, Nandos Bangladesh, Nando's Bangladesh, Home Delivery, Nando's, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Special Delivery, Dhaka

Rifles Squre [02:39]
Rifle Square is a modern shopping center situated in Dhanmondi next to the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) cantonement. The name Rifle Square is derived from this proximity to the BDR Camp. This modern shopping center is also located opposite Dhanmondi Lake. A modern daily product Bazaar named Agora is situated to one side of this mall. There are about 360 shops are operating in the market. All stores are well decorated and full of local and imported products. All kinds of readymade wear, shirt, pant, sari, three pieces, babies wear, toys, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics product, shoes, crockery, gifts, card gallery, mobile phone shops, movies, fashion product and many daily needs are on sale in this market. The quality of products sold in this market is generally high , carrying international prices. Some modern food corners also available here, which attract numbers of young people who come here to chat. The courtyard of the market is also a young persons gathering place in the afternoon. Parallel to western society, the modern products and services are available in this market. This market brings the taste of western life to the life of Dhaka City. Friday is the holiday of this market. This shopping center is a business concern of the Bangladesh Rifles who control its operations.
Tags: Rifles, Squre, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhanmondi, Shopping, Mall, Center, market, agora, bazaar

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