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Siddique Bazaar [01:51]
Siddique Bazaar Siddique stands in back side of Fulbaria BRTC bus stoppage beside Gulistan. This bazaar was established with few shops just after independence of Bangladesh on 1971 and on 1986 it was developed with desired plan. Nowadays the bazaar becomes big with thousands shops and two multistoried market building. Siddique Bazaar is famous for whole sale shoe and seeds sale market. There are more than 2000 shoe shops. Ladies, genes, kids all kind of shoe and sandal sale here both with retail and whole sales price. This is one of the biggest shoe and sandal whole sale market of Bangladesh. Siddique Bazaar is also the biggest seeds sale market of Dhaka city. The seeds importers of this market generally import seed from India, Korea, Japan, China, Holland and Thailand etc. countries. However many seeds companies have own seed production firm. But maximum collect local seeds from farmers. This is the place from where seeds supplied around the country. Generally more than 200 species local, herbal, seasonal vegetable, fruits and wood trees seed widely sale here. However there are 400 species which are preserved her by the seed businessman of Siddique Bazaar. Friday is the holyday of Siddique Bazaar. This Bazaar open at 8:00 AM and close in 8:00 PM
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Rampura Bazaar [01:48]
Rampura is famous for housing the BTV (Bangladesh Television), the national broadcasting televisions head office, which is a major landmark in Dhaka. Rampura has become an important business and residential area. Although the roadsides area are decorated with different shops Rampura is essentially a business center. Recently the main roads area the behind bazaar have become a highly desired residential area although the quality of infrastructure remains poor. A major issue is the lack of standard sanitation, particularly in front of the market. The Rampura Bazaar has many small roadside markets, which play an important role in local life. There are around one hundred vegetable, fish, meat and cooking product shops in the area and a large number of fruit shops in the road that runs parallel to the main road. These shops meet the immediate needs of the local residents. There are also many mobile vegetable and fish hawkers selling their products in area. Like other general markets, Rampura Bazaars opening time is 8:00 am and it closes at 9:00 pm , everyday of the week. This Bazaar is also called Municipality Bazaar as it is managed by the Dhaka Municipality Corporation. রামপুরা বাজার বাংলাদেশ টেলিভিশন ভবন রামপুরা এলাকায় অবস্থিত হওয়ায় এই এলাকা ঢাকাসহ সারা দেশে ব্যাপক পরিচিত। রামপুরা বাজারটি রামপুরা রোডের পাশে অবস্থিত। পুরো রামপুরা ...
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Car Market [02:13]
The number of cars and motorized vehicles is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh despite the lack of infrastructure. Car retailing has become an important sector in marketing. Kuril Bishwa Road, Gulshan, Kakrial and Dhanmondi, these four places are famous for car sales. Moreover, there one mobile Car Hut as well. There has been a dramatic increase in car sales in the past decade leading to major traffic congestion in Dhaka in particular. The demand for vehicles comes from the rich people who desire the luxurious new models of cars. When looking the Dhaka at the traffic from any over-bridge one is confronted by a huge number car on the roads, which makes it difficult to believe Bangladesh is a developing country in which the majority of people are poor. The increased number of cars may be attributed to increased business activity and a high level of corruption that makes the country poorer. The centralized nature of power in Bangladesh also contributes to this situation. The power holding groups are the main clients of the car markets. On average 400-500 cars are sold each month in the car markets of Dhaka City. After Dhaka, the port city, Chittagong, is the second largest car market in Bangladesh. Friday is the official holiday of all car markets. As the traffic jams of Dhaka increase due to the number of cars on the roads, congestion becomes a major issue for the city administration. However, the government is now thinking of an alternative transportation system for the ...
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Gulistan [02:34]
warrant to the quality of products. However in the center part of Gulistan; as like as traffic island the Gulap Shah Shrine spreading the spiritual info and inspiration to restless people of Gulistan. Everyday a large number of followers visit Gulap Shahs Shrine where they donate and pray with total devotion to fulfill the desires and good luck. There is no holiday in the Gulistan street market. Generally it starts at 8:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM ... gulistan street market bazaar dhaka ...
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Indian Cricket Player crying after being slapped by fellow player
sports man spirit at its best look at this fellow chap he was slapped by his fellow player in the field for being racist against sikhs It was a slap well deserved ... Hope this is wrong that india involved in all the terrorism pakistan srilanka and bangladesh but its nothing which can be denied after looking at history of our indian governments army their desire to rule entire subcontinent again if those sort terrorist actvaties we must bring culprits justice let other countries them own system ...
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