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Recording the streets near Dhaka University [01:01]
On my visit to Bangladesh, my brother and I visited my dad's university along with my uncle. I recorded a clip of the road on our way back. Enjoy! ... bangladesh dhaka bengali india fam truhyphy university desi rikshaw cng
Tags: bangladesh, dhaka, bengali, india, fam, truhyphy, university, desi, rikshaw, cng

Gulistan [02:34]
warrant to the quality of products. However in the center part of Gulistan; as like as traffic island the Gulap Shah Shrine spreading the spiritual info and inspiration to restless people of Gulistan. Everyday a large number of followers visit Gulap Shahs Shrine where they donate and pray with total devotion to fulfill the desires and good luck. There is no holiday in the Gulistan street market. Generally it starts at 8:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM ... gulistan street market bazaar dhaka ...
Tags: gulistan, street, market, bazaar, dhaka, bangladesh

Mach Katakuti - Desi Style [04:03]
My Dhaka Trip. ... dhaka bangladesh
Tags: dhaka, bangladesh

Nazira Bazaar [02:11]
produced and sold here.. In total above 2000 different shops have in Nazira Bazaar. Shoe making factory is another mentionable feature of Nazira Bazaar. There are about 1000 shoe making factories and 250 shoe item shops here. However in Nazira Bazaar have many wall cloth shops. People are very pious of this area. There have some luxurious designed mosque here. Nazira Bazaar started in 7:30am and closed in 9:00pm. This bazaar have no holyday. ... Nazira bazaar hazi berani old dhaka market ...
Tags: Nazira, bazaar, hazi, berani, old, dhaka, market, bangladesh

10 Mins of Bangladesh [10:00]
Must see video of Bangladesh. In this video you'll see the following: 1. Zia Internation Airport of Bangladesh, Dhaka 2. Dhaka City(close by Apollo Hospital) 3. Jaflong Sylhet( near India's Border) 4. National fishes/fruits of Bangladesh
Tags: Bangladesh, Discover Bangladesh, Desi, Bangla, Bangla Folk, Bangla 09, Dhaka, Sylhet, Explore Bangladesh, Bangladesh Tourism, Desi gaan, Ami Banglai Gaan Gai, Bangla gaan, Zia Internation Airport.

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