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Lama 2 Alikadam [05:03]
Bangladesh is the land of natural beauty and fertility attracts various people with numerous aims. While traveling towards the eastside of the country more specifically AliKadam, Lama of Bandarban district our eyes were overwhelmed by the beauty of the site as well as little disappointed with current environmental situation of the area. We were travelling through the uneven road on the traditional 'Chander Gari' and saw all the flat lands around the foot area of Mirinza hill, the land beside the road from lama to ali kadam; even in the playing ground of Modujhiri govt. primary school and as far as we can see the bank of Matamuhuri River were covered with tobacco farming. While talking to local people we come to know that the flat land where these farming is being practice was mostly government properties given to high government officials for farming of "Rubber" or "Horticulture" but there weren't any. So these lands are being subjected to a very interesting way of practicing farming by the middle man of that area. The local & multinational tobacco companies are providing money to the middle man for contract farming of tobacco to ensure the raw materials of their product. The middle man taking the money asks the marginal farmer to cultivate tobacco for them. But as marginal farmers do not have enough money to cultivate they lend money from the middle man with high interest. For example, if they take BDT 10000 for one tobacco season (6/7 month), they have to return 15000 ...
Tags: Beautiful Bangladesh, alikadam, Lama, Bandarban, Chander Gari, Mirinza hill, Modujhiri, Matamuhuri, Rubber, Horticulture, tobacco, tobacco farming, marginal farmer, Farmer Landscape, middle man, tobacco processing, brick fields, cultivate, Burning Wood, H

On the Road to the Sundarbans - Kolkata (Calcutta), India (rural life in the sundarbans, slide) [01:53]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Kolkata (Calcutta), India by TravelPod blogger Globalgramma. See this TripWow and more at On the Road to the Sundarbans "On Sunday, Feb. 1st, I went with Baba, Amalendu (the Director of the Rural Projects for Lokenath Divine Life Mission), and Babai (LDLM's computer genius) to the village of Gosaba in the Sundarbans for their annual festival. The Sundarbans are the Gangetic delta regions, where the Ganga (Ganges) breaks off into many, many large rivers that feed into northern Bay of Bengal, creating a network of islands and crisscrossing rivers from the Gangetic soil deposits formed over the eons. The topography and landscapes are similar and right next to Bangladesh. The Journey We drove south from South Kolkata, passing miles of picturesque, flat fields being cultivated with beets, cauliflower, and other vegetables and flowers on both sides. The roadside was littered with clusters of dusty and crumbling storefronts pretty much all along the way. About every 5 to 10 miles there is a major rural marketing town (one is wholesale fish market town, another a wholesale vegetable market town, farther out, a general market town), all gritty, with their rusting garage door like store-fronts pulled up for the business day (which lasts until around 11 at night). As always, the roads were teaming with life: bicyclists, women in saris walking with babies or large, round water jugs on their hips, bundles or ...
Tags: kolkata to gosaba road map, rural life in the sundarbans, walking the sundarbans, sundarbans kolkata map, gosaba river big fish, kolkata to gosaba road, wholesale fishmarket kolkata, gosaba hospital, chalk designs, sundarbans, rice stalks, calcutta rural

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