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Beautiful Bangladesh Tourism Video (HQ) [03:37]
The tourism video shown at the opening ceremony of the ICC World Cup 2011 in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 17th February 2011.
Tags: World Cup, ICC, Cricket, 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Tourism, Video, Ad, Opening Ceremony, 17th February.

ICC Cricket Worldcup 2011 Dhaka, Bangladesh - Welcome Everyone! [03:37]
History of Bangladesh Bangladesh became one of the large nation states in 1971 when it seceded from Pakistan. Prior to the creation of Pakistan in 1947, modern-day Bangladesh was part of ancient, classical, medieval and colonial India. Since independence, the government has experienced periods of democratic and military rule. The founding leader of the country and its first president was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. His daughter Sheikh Hasina Wazed is currently the prime minister, as leader of the Awami League. Travels in Bangladesh Whether its at the beautiful and serene beaches of places like coxs' bazaar that stretch on forever, or a boat journey through the winding, curving backwaters of a Bangladeshi river, with its ancient towns and villages some dating back more than 2000 years, and past maharajas palaces of the previous centuries . It'll be an experience that will undoubtably find a place which will provide you with the unforgetable trip of a lifetime. Prior to the time of Bangladeshs' liberation in 1971, most tourists kept their visits to, Dhaka and Agrabad, however with limited satisfactory accomodation in the rest of Bangladesh at that time, saw neighbouring Kolkata in West Bengal, who were well ahead with their facilities, soar in popularity. It took until the middle of the nineteen nineties for the improvement in accomodation started to show increased numbers of tourist flow. Tourism alive and Well in Bangladesh. Since the year 2000 tourists arriving in Bangladesh ...
Tags: Beautiful, Bangladesh, Welcome, Everyone!, ICC, Cricket, Worldcup, 2011, Bangabandhu, Stadium, Dhaka, Banladesh.

Beautiful Bangladesh - Admission Going On [03:37]
Bangladesh, the school of spirit, the school of bravery, the school of talent, the school of playfulness, the school of celebration, the school of happiness, the school of hope, the school of mysticism, the school of freedom, the school of adventure, the school of togetherness, the school of love, the school of life - Admission going on! DIRECTED BY:GAZI N SHUVRO MUSIC:ADIT AND PRITHWI RAZ
Tags: bangladesh, beautiful bangladesh, ICC cricket, world cup cricket 2011, banlgadesh cricket, bangladesh parzatan

Beautiful Bangladesh:The School of Life [03:37]
One of the host nations of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.
Tags: Beautiful, Bangladesh, School, of, Life, Tourism, ICC, World, Cup, Cricket, 2011, Opening, Ceremony

Beautiful Bangladesh || Full HD || 720p [03:37]
Beautiful Bangladesh, Dur: 3 min 30 sec, Client: Tourism Board of Bangladesh (proud partner of ICC CWC 2011), Agency: Grey Bangladesh, Production: RED do, Director: Gazi Shubhro. The School Of Spirit The School Of Bravely The School Of Talent The School Of Playfulness The School Of Celebration The School Of Happiness The School Of Hope The School Of Mysticism The School Of Freedom The School Of Adventure The School Of Togetherness The School Of Art The School Of Love Welcome To The School Of Life Admission Going On Welcome To Beautiful BANGLADESH [Quote from the Director] 158 shooting crew worked behind this film, Its a RED dot production, Producer and Director : Gazi Shubhro, Colorist : Ziaul Paikar Jewel, DP : Khosru, Graphics:Otonu. Production Manager: Zahed(RIP), GM:Rony, AD: Tonu, Dip, Manna, Joyonto, Ashraf,Dulu. Editor: Jewel and Prodip. Sound:Neepo. Agency: Grey Bangladesh, Client: ICC & Parjatan BD, Music By: Adit, Musicians: Prithwi (sargams, santoor & percs), Najrul (dhol & mondira), Alom (ektara,dugi & nupur), Mukaddes (dotara), Jalal (flute), Monir Kaka (silver flute) Lyrics: Shaon. Script copy: Anam. Model: Michelle Lynn Mount. Uploaded by: Mishu
Tags: Beautiful Bangladesh, Bangladesh Tourism, School of life, ICC 2011, Opening Ceremony, Mishu, Cricket, HD

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