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TOPIC: Project India [05:49]
During February 2012 I took a break from panda hunting and decided to join in with some friends on a culture learning to trip to Kolkata, India. The journey was rocky and the trip was an emotional roller coaster but I can't wait to get back there to support those children again. Please look more into the noble work the Salesians are doing in Kolkata and other parts of India for the street children.
Tags: Project, panda, topic, matt, india, kolkata, calcutta, salesian, don, bosco, salesians, Salesians Of Don Bosco, Trust, Red, Bass, Cover, John Bosco, Watch, Cricket, Mess, Chili, Peppers, Bangladesh, Think, Try, Ask, 3oh, Matter, Speak, Singh, Touch, First

sylhet theme park 2010 [07:16]
Sylhet by airport, adventure world dec 2010
Tags: bangladesh, dhaka, sylhet, pakistan, afghanistan, theme, punjabi, park, monorail, rides, coaster, roller, flags

ZALAL,SHELLEY,ZHEREEN and ZAYNAB before and after the Snake River Falls water ride at Cedar Point amusement park located in beautiful Sandusky Ohio. Shelley was nervous, but she came through in the last minute. She did back out of Shoot The Rapids water rride at the moment of boarding. MUSIC Courtesy of Hues Corporation and their 12" remix single of ROCK THE BOAT.
Tags: river, park, roller, six, coaster, shoot, the, rapids, snake, falls, cedar, point, sandusky, zalal, zhereen, zaynab, shelley, meher, uddin, bangladesh, hamtramck, michigan, mi, ohio, beanibazar, sylhet, hues, corporation, rock, boat, flags, water, roller

Cedar Point Lake Erie Rail Road Summer 2011 [03:00]
Zalal, Shelley, Zhereen and Zaynab ride the Lake Erie Rail Road at Cedar Point 2011. Nice little choo choo ride that goes around the park. Just happens to be Shelley's favorite ride. lol............. Music in the background is Quad City Dj's Come On Ride It. Hope you all come and ride the choochoo with us
Tags: choochoo, train, cedar, point, sandusky, quad, city, dj, djs, dj's, come, and, ride, it, choo, zhereen, zaynab, zalal, meher, shelley, madison, heights, michigan, adventures, six, flags, bangladesh, hamtramck, uddin, jahur, park, roller, coaster

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