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Durga Puja 2008 Ashtami at Ramakrishna Sevashram in Chittagong, Bangladesh [00:41]
Durga Puja 2008 Ashtami at Ramakrishna Sevashram in Chittagong, Bangladesh - taken by Saha
Tags: Durgapuja, durga, puja, 2008, ashtami, chittagong, bangladesh, ramakrishna, ashram, sevashram, mission, hindu, religion, hinduism, mrityunjoy, saha, saham02, pappu, pappusaha

Bangladesh: Passengers of two buses dispute [01:12]
Travel in Bangladesh in January 2008: After two buses almost collided, passengers got off the buses and entered into heated argument.
Tags: Bangladesh, Dhaka, Chittagong, bus, dispute, argument, バングラデシュ, ダッカ, 議論, バス事故, 口喧嘩, 旅行, アジア, インド, 争い, 口論, fight, exited, チッタゴン, 衝突

Bandarban Trip 2001 - Part 1 [08:29]
Another trip with friends back in 2001. This is first part of the video, check out second one as well. Enjoy friends! ... bandarban bangladesh trip adda bondhu chittagong arif riaz shamim shamu bablu mintu
Tags: bandarban, bangladesh, trip, adda, bondhu, chittagong, arif, riaz, shamim, shamu, bablu, mintu

beach side shopping [02:29]
hockers market beside the potenga sea beach, chittagong... you can find a lot of interesting thing from here..... come bangladesh enjoy potenga sea beach chittagong and enjoy cheip price shopping..... ... "beach side shopping" "potenga sea beach" chittagong bangladesh "travel asia" "teavel bangladesh" "natural beauty" "amazing bangladesh"
Tags: beach side shopping, potenga sea beach, chittagong, bangladesh, travel asia, teavel bangladesh, natural beauty, amazing bangladesh

Scenic spot of Rangamati,Chittagong,Bangladesh [02:14]
This is one of the amazing scenic spots in Chittagong,Rangmati,Bangladesh where you can have the real exposure to the minorities in Bangladesh. It is not difficult to get there if you follow my instruction here. If you get to Chittagong by train or plane, you can simply take CNG tricycle to Oxygen bus terminal. It costs about 100 BDT from the airport and 70 BDT from the train station. Afterwards, you can ask anyone at the bus terminal about Rangamati bus or you can say, "Aami Rangamati Zabo ...
Tags: Scenic, spot, of, Rangamati, Chittagong, Bangladesh

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