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TradeWinds Ship Recycling Forum 2011 - the DFDS experience. [12:18]
Reality Check -- what every shipowner needs to know about scrapping in a non-OECD country. Danish ferry company DFDS thought they would avoid controversy by being fully transparent and sending the Tor Anglia to a green ship recycling facility in China. Gert Jakobsen, VP Communications and Environment of DFDS highlights the unexpected challenges DFDS faced along the way and offers his personal view of how shipping needs to respond to the negative public image of ship recycling.
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Bangali vid blog-8 [01:14]
Mainland china , Dhaka... resturant located on a rooftop and the restaurant floor revolves in a circle every hour
Tags: Bangladesh

mosques around the world [11:10]
These are some of the famous mosques from various parts of the world... each reflecting different architectural styles and culture... the main theme however, ISLAM.. subhanallah!
Tags: mosque, around, the, world, saudi, arabia, syria, iran, india, china, nigeria, pakistan, england, america, spain, netherlands, southafrica, bangladesh, srilanka, africa, asia, europe, americas, australia, mosques, of, duniya, masjids, beautiful, in, throu

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