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Disasters - Combatting global warming - BBC [03:39]
French officials search for greener ways of combatting global warming and we hear first hand accounts from the chaos that was Black Monday.

This Is Dhaka [03:36]
Dhaka streets from above.....
Tags: Dhaka, Chittagong, Bangladesh, traffic, hotel, people, travel, observation, cars, accident, crash, chaos

Traffic / Street Scene in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Part 2) - Road Junkie Snippets 48 [01:46]
Traffic in Old Dhaka can be off the charts at times. It´s impossible not to notice the plethora of transportation options & the diversity of vehicles that form the chaos on the streets. It´s an amazing and surreal experience to witness first hand. In late 2007 a rumbling occurred deep in the tropical waters of the Bay of Bengal. Within hours of Cyclone Sidr smashing into southwest Bangladesh, the world's media and aid organisations were on the move and Bangladesh was about to find herself wrenched back out of obscurity and once again presented to the global community as a classic 'basket case' (as Henry Kissinger once described the country) of disaster. The pictures and stories that emerged from Bangladesh at that time portrayed an entire nation on its knees, but this was only a half-truth for within hours of the storm hitting, the majority of the country was back on its feet and operational. This wasn't the first time that Bangladesh had been dismissed as a no-hope nation, and it probably won't be the last. But no matter what the opinion of the wider world is, this dynamic country proudly considers itself to be an active participant in an increasingly global community. In defiance of its stuttering development and the weight of historical tragedy that it bears, it is a nation charged with perseverance and promise, and one from which we could all learn a thing or two. For the great irony is that while images of devastation were beamed nightly into Western living rooms and ...

The Dhaka commute [03:29]
Traveling through Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rickshaws, people, took-tooks, buses and cars all contribute to organised chaos. Notice how the sides of the buses are ripped to shreds. Driving in Dhaka requires equal use of accelerator, brake and horn. ... Dhaka Bangladesh
Tags: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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