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Biman Bangladesh Airlines DC10 BG37 Dhaka to Chittagong [16:28]
From gate to take off, taken from inside the cabin of Biman Bangladesh Airlines DC10 from Dhaka to Chittagong on 08 September 2012. Shot using the GoPro Hero...

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Part 2 [00:30]
Inside Biman, seat belts not fastening, baggage holders not securley locking, air hosts questioning passenger as to why did they choose Biman instead of reassuring their safety..
Tags: Inside Biman Airways Cabin, Bangladesh, Sylhet, Direct flight, Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Ships out of the Small Ship Cabin Window. [01:09]
We kept counting the Feeder Vessel out of the Ship Cabin Small Window.
Tags: Feeder Vessel, Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh, Sandip

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