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Nijhum Dip [01:00]
Nijhum Dip, Bangladesh Film name: Nijhum Dip Duration: 10 minutes Subject: Island in Bangladesh (natural beauty) Director: Apurba Kanti Das Producer: Abida Ashiek / Apurba Kanti Das Camera: Apurba Kanti Das Editor: Manas Roy Music: Kaartik Title: Sabyasachi Hazra Show: 3rd international inter university short film festival, Bangladesh. 2009 ... Bangladesh
Tags: Bangladesh

Bangladesh - the Land of Diversity [Baishakhi TV] [01:54]
A news coverage of 2nd solo photography exhibition of MM Zahidur Rahman Biplob. The exhibition was titled Bangladesh - the Land of Diversity which was held in Drik Gallery (Dhaka, Bangladesh) on 18-25 October 2009. This event epitomized the artist's devotion to portray the unique scenic beauty of Bangladesh to the world through a collection of 64 photos which were taken in a duration of 6 years time.
Tags: photo, photography, photographer, exhibition, Biplob, M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob, M M Zahidur Rahman Biplob,, Bangladesh, Dhaka, tourism, tour, travel, travelling, Cox's Bazar, Sundarbans, Sundarban, Drik, Drik Gallery

Banani Bazaar [02:07]
Maitry Shopping Complex, which forms part of the Banani complex, is famous for global brand products. There are total sixty shops in the three floors shopping mall. All shops of this market are well decorated and full of valued products. Modern beauty parlors, clothing, shoes, sari, three pieces ensembles, toys, movies, cosmetics and pastry shops are found here. Beside this, many tea-stalls and hawkers , selling low priced products can be found nearby. ... "banani bazaar" market dhaka bangladesh ...
Tags: banani bazaar, market, dhaka, bangladesh

Evening at Cox's Bazar sea beach [00:49]
Evening at Cox's Bazar sea beach ... "cox's bazar" bangladesh "sea beach" "longest sea beach" "natural beauty"
Tags: cox's bazar, bangladesh, sea beach, longest sea beach, natural beauty

coz'bazar & sundarban [09:04]
200km long beach, biggest mangrove forest, royal bangle tiger and natural beauty of Bangladesh. pics collected by nozrul islam low price to visit and 5star hotel service travel security . ... bangladesh
Tags: bangladesh

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