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Bangladesh Company Formation, Doing Business in Bangladesh [01:41]
Tags: Bangladesh (Country), Business (Literary Genre), Avi, Thing, Punjabi, Doing, Believe, You, Can

Hot day in Old Dhaka 30 Jul 2011 [04:07]
Ahsan Manjil (Pink Palace), Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka Dhakeshwari Temple and BCS Computer City
Tags: Bangladesh, Old, Dhaka, Dhakeshwari, Temple, Ahsan, Manjil, Pink, Palace, Lalbagh, Fort, BCS, Computer, City, バングラデシュ, オールド, ダッカ, , 城跡, ヒンズー寺院, コンピューター, GONTITI

BCS Computer City [02:27]
BCS Computer City is the biggest computer market in Bangladesh. The mall opened in 1999 with 100000 square feet of space, situated at Agargaon, She-e-Bangla Nagoor district of Dhaka City. There are 322 modern computer and accessories shops located in the mall, which is perceived to be tat the cutting edge of technology and development in Bangladesh. Like other developing nations, the digital divide in Bangladesh is prominent, but the computer city has made access to technology, particularly the young generation, much easier. However, problems remain. There are real problems with the high price of computers and the English base of most computing makes it inaccessible to most people. To overcome these problems the Bangladesh government has declared it will create a Digital Bangladesh by providing the technology for all. The businessmen of the computer city, however, control the introduction of computer technology to the country through their contracts on brand name products. Hardware, software, computer, laptops, DVD, movie, Internet and computer magazine are the common products on sale in this market. A nineteen storey ultra modern building called IDB Bhaban is attached to BCS Computer City. Friday is the holiday for this market. This computer market opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. A number of customers and visitors gather here all day long. Everyday a new model computer and other imported products are displayed in this market, which has a strong security system.
Tags: BCS, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Market, Mall

City IT 2008, Computer Fair, BCS Computer City
সিটি আইটি ২০০৮ The BCS Computer City has been successfully organizing computer fairs for the last several years. The city is conveniently located in the heart of Dhaka City at Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar at the close proximity of the Bangladesh Parliament building. ... City IT 2008 Computer Fair BCS Dhaka Bangladesh
Tags: City, IT, 2008, Computer, Fair, BCS, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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