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Nilgiri Hills, Bandarban, Chittagong, Bangladesh [06:48]
Picturesque views of Nilgiri in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Tags: Bangladesh, Bandarban District, nilgiri, neelgiri, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bandarban, Rangkladesh Tourism, iamanwer

Salova Jhiri and Source of the Ruma Khal [05:24]
Wednesday, 15th September 2010 Today we have reached at Rumana Para after heavy rain. Around 3:00, it was terribly hot, and we went out for a shower. But before doing that that, we wanted to explore the source of Ruma Canal(Created from Salova and Pankhoa Jhiri), and then further explored the Salova Jhiri.
Tags: salova, jhiri, source, ruma khal, canal, rumanapara, rumana para, bandarban, bangladesh, dway, expidetors, dway expeditors, salova jhiri, pankhoa jhiri, teal water, crystal water, shallow, shalow, trekking, exploring

3 ½ minutes of Bangladesh-School of life..Admission going on...[HD] [03:37]
Welcome to the Beautiful Bangladesh.. The School Of Spirit, Bravely, Talent, Playfulness, Celebration, Happiness, Hope, Mysticism, Freedom, Adventure, Togetherness, Art & Love... Welcome To The School Of Life.. Admission Going On.. Credits: Producer and Director: Gazi Shubhro Colorist:...
Tags: Bangladesh, Beautiful, The, School, Of, Spirit, Talent, Celebration, Happiness, Hope, Mysticism, Freedom, Adventure, Togetherness, Art, Love, Cox's, Bazar, Bandarban, Nilgiri, Chittagong, Kaptai, Gopalgonj, Tungipara, Bagerhaat, Mongla, Sundarbans, Khulna

The Budhha Dhatu Jadi (Golden temple), Bangladesh. [03:05]
The Budhha Dhatu Jadi (Golden temple), Bandarban, Bangladesh.
Tags: jadijadi, Golden temple, Bandarban, Bangladesh, buddhism

Let's go Bandarban........Xtream Bandarban, Banglarpothe. [18:14]
Bandarban (বান্দরবান) is a district in South-Eastern Bangladesh, and a part of the Chittagong Division and Chittagong Hill Tracts. Bandarban (meaning the dam of monkeys), or in Marma or Arakanese language as "Rwa-daw Mro" is also known as Arvumi or the Bohmong Circle (of the rest of the three hill districts Rangamati is the Chakma Circle and Khagrachari is the Mong Circle . Bandarban town is the home town of the Bohmong Chief (currently King, or Raja, Aung Shwe Prue Chowdhury who is the head of the Marma population. It also is the administrative headquarter of Bandarban district, which has turned into one of the most exotic tourist attractions in Bangladesh since the insurgency in Chittagong Hill Tracts has ceased more than a decade back.
Tags: bandarban, bangladesh, banglalink, banglarpothe, tinku

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