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Baklai Waterfall(বাকলাই ঝরনা) [03:00]
Thursday, 23 August 2012 It was the third day of our trekking and we have finally reached at the Baklai Waterfall(বাকলাই ঝরনা) which was our main objective for the tour... Baklai(বাকলাই) waterfall is the possible tallest waterfall from Bangladesh. It is having a height of around 380 ft... 10/12 years back a group of exuberant travelers have discovered the waterfall... they have only observed the falls from the top... but later few members from "DWay Expeditors" have confronted the waterfall to the public... And after that most of the trekkers came to know it could be the tallest waterfall from the majestic Bangladesh.
Tags: balkai waterfall, baklai, baklai jhorna, bandarban, bangladesh...

Jadipai Waterfall(জাদিপাই ঝরনা) [02:37]
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 Jadipai Jhorna(জাদিপাই ঝরনা) is located at 1.5 hours of trekking distance from the Passing Para(পাসিং পারা) of Bandarban(বান্দরবান). But while returning from the falls, you'll require 2.5 hours for uphill trekking. As per my observation, Jadipai(জাদিপাই) is the most beautiful waterfall from Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ). [TAGS] jadipai waterfall, jadipai jhorna, jadipai, bandarban, bangladesh, waterfall, jhorna, beautiful [/TAGS]
Tags: jadipai waterfall, jadipai jhorna, jadipai, bandarban, bangladesh, waterfall, jhorna, beautiful

Meghla, Bandarban, Bangladesh 12th August 2012 [01:32]
Meghla, Bandarban, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Tags: Meghla, Bandorban, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Nilgiri, Bandarban [02:00]
Nilgiri, Bandarban. The most beautiful place of Bangladesh. This video was captured on 17th July, 2012, with my colleagues Mahbub Vai, Fakhrul Vai & Pavel Vai. Gentle breeze was blowing down the hill side and thin clouds were hanging around on their way to casual fly. Imagine the scene! Clouds are playing with you and you can touch them.
Tags: nilgiri, bandarban, bangladesh, pavel, jewel, fakhrul, mahbub

Soilopropat, Bandarban [02:52]
Soilopropat, Bandarban. Date: 16-07-2012
Tags: bandarban, soilopropat, bangladesh

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