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Nafakhum.wmv [04:39]
here is your Nafakhun Falls, who wants to watch it...? ;)
Tags: Nafakhum, Falls, Bandarban, desherpothe, banglarpothe, remakkry, bangladesh, tinku, thematic

Hamham or Hammam or Shitap.. the name of this falls [01:17]
Hamham or Hammam or Shitap.. what ever the name of this falls, it is Beautiful. and i think you like it ;) Kurma forest bit, Rajkandi forest range, Komolgang, Moulvibazar ..expedition for one of the most wildest water fall's of Bangladesh, called "Hamham or Hammam or Shitap".. Most of the people say, this fall's is named from the memory of Raja Shitap, the oldest king of that territory. It was a 3.5 hrs adventurous trek 8km ziri path, bamboo forest and hill climbing to go Hamham from kurma bit point near Kolabon village inside Champai Tea state, and also a new trek experience to all.. we enjoyed likely those leeches,and bamboos..ha ha .. Really it was great achievement for me and with my team .. !!! Be careful !!! This aria is Best habitat for King Cobra & other snakes and Bear lives here.
Tags: Hamham, Hammam, Shitap, falls, tinku, bandarban, desherpothe, banglarpothe, Bangladesh, thematic

Saikat Para, a village having highest altitude [02:25]
This is a village from Bandarban of bangladesh having the highest altitude from our country. This village has around 2800+ ft of elevation from sea level. This is such a village, from where the sky looks too near, just above your head...! It was the middle of the day. All the adults were went to the cultivation at far from the village. Only the child and old are left behind to watch the village. From you video, you can see how vacant the whole village was!
Tags: adventure, travel, trekking, hiking, mountain, hills, village, climbing, fun, trek, nature, sky, clouds, bangladesh, bandarban, beautiful, dangerous

A long day of pukurpara trekking [04:31]
Saturday, 30 April 2011 It was the fourth day of our trekking of pukur para. Using tons of breaks we have used almost the whole day for trekking. Possibly in total we have used 4 hours of breaks including a 2 hours long for breakfast. Our trekking path was pukurpara - ruma khal - anondo para - saikat para - harmon para - boga lake. If you have time, you can read the whole adventurous trekking detail from my diary
Tags: bandarban, bangladesh, trekking, adventure, hard, hiking, thrilling, tough, nature, mountains, climbing, action, outdoors, wilderness, tribal, hill, dangerous

Trekking and the Raikhong Khal [07:01]
Friday, 29 April 2011 This video clip contains the mini trekking to reach the raikhong canal. Initially our path was beside the pukurpara lake. The canal is full with large boulders of stones. Also it was hard to cross those by jumping over from one to another, or by walking over the water. In this video, you'll find several funny clips that was done by Hassan who had a cramp. The background song is performed by "Shajahan Munsi". More about the video is available at
Tags: raikhong, rainkhong, canal, khal, adventure, jhiri, stone, trekking, challenge, thrill, fun, funny, bangladesh, bandarban, jungle, hiking, team

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