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Touchdown at Dubai International Airport [01:00]
Video was taken during a holiday to Bangladesh in 2010. I like planes and aviation so I thought it would be a good idea to upload this.

Chittagong to Kutubdia Island in Cessna 152 [06:40]
Me and my mate, Ishtiaque, took the Cessna 152 for a spin to Kutubdia, Bangladesh. We departed from Chittagong Airport (VGEG) at around 1600 LMT and flown for about an hour. We loved the Cessna. At first I thought it'd not be as fun as the Cirrus SR 20, however, in the end, it was! And I really glad that we did the flight.
Tags: Cessna 152, Cessna 152 Cross Country, XCTY in Cessna, xcty cessna, XCTY, Cross Country, Bangladesh Aviation

Biman Bangladesh Fokker F28 landing at Chittagong [01:56]
Biman Bangladesh flight 634 from Cox's Bazar to Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong operating by S2-ACW - an 32 years old Fokker F28-4000 Fellowship. Bangladesh is a paradise for aviation enthusiasts like me!
Tags: biman, bangladesh, fokker, f28, fellowship, Cox's, Bazar, chittagong, airport, window, view, airplane, approach, landing, aviation

Aviation Plus - Bringing you Bangladesh ! [01:01]
Welcome to Aviation Plus Limited! As we enter into the world of travel, we only see variety. But there are very few mediums through which it can be enjoyed. Talking in the perspective of Bangladesh, travel packages have become non-versatile. We only see few common destinations being marketed over and over again. And moreover, we do not find the option to customize at a wide scale. Prices are also competitive. It has also been observed that the level of cooperation from the service providers are sometimes not expected as expected. It's always a pleasure to serve the mind of a traveler when we know how versatile our world is today. We therefore are opting to be the one stop solution for your travel queries. We have equipped ourselves with some of the best travel experts who are ready to present you with right reasonable package at your request. Here at Aviation Plus Limited we value our clients in such a way which will only emphasize your comfort and convenience. Apart from providing the option for customizing travel packages we also have wide array of set packages at reasonable price. These demerits are our concern. We aim to value you and your problem. We aim to solute your query in the best possible way. We aim to cooperate at every stage. Keeping this in mind, we would welcome your prayer for the prosperous journey of Aviation Plus Limited and hope that you will choose us to become YOUR TRAVEL MANAGER !!
Tags: Aviation, Plus, Bringing, you, Bangladesh, !!

Aviation photography [02:21]
Some of my Favorite photos of Aviation
Tags: aviation, Emirates, etihad, jfk, Zurich, Malaysia, Dhaka, Biman Bangladesh, Singapore, Japan Airlines

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