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Turbulent Kalatali Beach of Cox's Bazaar [01:42]
Morning at the turbulent Kalatali Beach of Cox's Bazaar on approaching cyclone
Tags: beach, kalatali, kolatali, kolatoli, cox, cox's, bazar, bazaar, sea, shore, coast, coastal, wave, exclusive, activity, fishing, net, turbulent, cyclone, roar, wind, large, tourist, spot, dhaka, bangladesh, chittagong, travel, morning, people, asain, asia,

See the natural beauty of RANGAMATI of BANGLADESH. Most of the district are connected by boat as well as by road. Here I have tried to show the connective approach with each district by water transport, which is very cheap. In fact,the the transport cost is very cheap all over BANGLADESH compare to other country.The quality of transport system-such as rail,bus,water transport & local RIKSWA (colourful) is too cheap to compare with other country. The lifestyle of city is totally different than district & remote area. In spite of all odds.I can say,my BANGLADESH TOUR is unforgeable & it will remain in my memory for ever !.. pl. DISCOVER BANGLADESH & ENJOY THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF ITS.

Biman Bangladesh DC10-30 flight from Sylhet to Dhaka [06:11]
Biman Bangladesh flight 28 from Osmani International Airport, Sylhet to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. Operating by S2-ACR, the second last built McDonnell Douglas DC10-30 which is named ´ The New Era ´. Unforgettable experience to fly on the DC10 in year 2012 - long live the remaining DC10´s in Bangladesh! Enjoy the lovely sound of the three GE CF6-50C2 engines.
Tags: dhaka, bangladesh, sylhet, osmani, airport, hazrat, shahjalal, international, mcdonnell, douglas, dc10, s2-acr, landing, aircraft, approach, window, view, biman, airlines

Biman Bangladesh Fokker F28 landing at Chittagong [01:56]
Biman Bangladesh flight 634 from Cox's Bazar to Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong operating by S2-ACW - an 32 years old Fokker F28-4000 Fellowship. Bangladesh is a paradise for aviation enthusiasts like me!
Tags: biman, bangladesh, fokker, f28, fellowship, Cox's, Bazar, chittagong, airport, window, view, airplane, approach, landing, aviation

Tlawng suspension bridge on the way to Reiek [00:56]
Seen here is the Tlawng suspension bridge in Mizoram on the way to Reiek Tlang. This bridge is built on the Tlawng river near the Lungleng Hydro-Electric Project. The Lungleng Hydroelectric Project is located in Aizawl district of Mizoram which helps in utilization of the waters of the Tyao river. It generates power as a storage type development, harnessing a gross head of about 137 m. The diversion site is located at Latitude 23o 38' 13" N and Longitude 92o39'10" E. The dam site is approachable from Lungleng which is 25 km from Aizawl. The Tyao river is also known as Tlawng or Dhaleswari or Katakha which is a tributary of River Kaladan from Burma. It is an important, very useful and the longest river in the state of Mizoram. Tlawng River passes through the Aizawl District and it flanks the western side of Aizawl City. The capital state as well as the largest city of Mizoram is Aizawl; the center of all important government offices, state assembly house and civil secretariat.Aizawl is also the main religious and cultural centers of the Mizos, the ethnic tribe of Mizoram.The city lies just north of the Tropic of cancer and is located at 3715 feet from the sea level. A birds eye view of the city will sure catch the attention of the beholder. Some of the notable places once you get to Aizawl city are Mizoram State Museum, Durtlang Hills, Mini Zoo, Bara Bazar, Luangmual Handicarfts Centre and Berawtlang Tourist Complex. Apart from these tourist sites, the nearby tourist ...
Tags: Bawngkawn, Chaltlang, Zarkawt, Ziona, chana, baktawng, village, serchhip, district, Presbyterian, church, mizo, bamboo, dance, Park, Nature, Vantawng, waterfalls, Phawngpui, 'Blue, Mountain, exotic, flowers, orchids, medicinal, herbs, Saiha, Chhimtuipui,

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