Sromiker Shohor (Clip 1)

Saidpur, a small town in northern Bangladesh, is often nicknamed "the city of labors" (Sromiker Shohor). This is so because, 80% of its inhabitants are workers of factories of different kinds : nationalized heavy industry, medium industry, small and cottage industry etc. In an agricultural economy, this is truly an exception. In 2008 RTV, a private television channel, went to this under-represented town of workers to make a 30 minutes documentary. It was on air on the May Day of 2008 as a tribute to the workers and small/medium entrepreneurs of the country. It was scripted, presented and produced by Aninda Rahman. In this particular clip, the crew visited the biggest railway workshop of the British Assam-Bengal Railways which was established here in 1870. Surrounding this giant workshop the town actually grew. However, its golden days are now over. The production team had to collect a series of permits to enter and was allowed inside for a very brief period of time.


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