Bangladesh RailwayTrain ride on Nakshikantha [Rajbari-Khulna] Express from Rajbari to Khustia.

Nakshikantha Express train is a mail train. Ei mail train Khulna theke Rajbarir goalondo ghat porjonto cholachol kore. Abar goalondo ghat theke ei mail train Khulnar dike chole jai. Ekhane small part video kore dekhano holo. video korar shomoy speed chilo 85 km/hr. Rajbari theke Poradah junction porjonto 85 km/hr speed e chole but poradah theke khulna porjonto er speed 90 to 95 km/hr hoi. Hope you like it. Thank you.


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MD.AL MAMUN - 2010-06-04 20:48:46

its really great to know my own motherland from our own web site .the contents here are so good but i think its need a lit bit improvement as many pepole visit this site to know about our land .needs more picture to add little more information anbout it too. and should have a brief about our glories history as 21 first february and 16 december

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