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Old 8th December 2000, 00:30
786Bangla 786Bangla is offline
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Do you believe in witchcraft,Jadu montra, tabiz koboz?
Is there a scientific reason behind this?
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Old 8th December 2000, 01:06
mhnew mhnew is offline
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Don't beleive, we should be swayed by them.

Magic is tricks. Tabiz is a religious innovation in its extreme form.

Remember, Allah (SWT) provide us with a lot of trials in life. These things are just another trial. We should not be driven from the path of Allah by virtue of our belief in these.

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Old 8th December 2000, 10:11
Abdur_Rahman Abdur_Rahman is offline
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please do not commit sinn by declaring things that are halal into haram

Tabiz is not an innovation, if it was then the Holy Prophet (Saw) himself will be liable for allowing such an innovation, because it used to ocure during his life and he never said anything against it.

There is a strong hadith which say that one day Prophets camel was injured and would not walk, the prophet got down adn found a little stone stuck in its foot, he took the stone out and threw it away. Then a sahabi picked up that stone and took it home.
Later people came to the prophet saying that so and so campanion was involved in haram activities, they said tha he was curing the sick by this stone and therefore it was haram, the prophet sumonned that Sahabi and enquired of the situation, the sahabi explained that he was using the stone that the prophet threw away from his Camel, when he went home one of his family member was ill and no medicince was working and beleiving inthe stone beiong holy since it came formt he foot of the Pophets's camel he though may be that will help by the Gracce of Allah, and it did, theill person was cured, and this sahabi carried on doing this untill he was brought to the Prophet.
The Prophet smilled and said that this sahabi was doing nothing wrong.

There are hundreds of hadiths supporting the use of Tabiz. Generally all tabiz is is some written text of the Holy Quran carried out by the ill person.
It is not that the tabiz cures people but whats in it is from a heigher source e.g Allah (Quran)and that can help someone.
However one has to carefull when dealing with these things as there are bad people around they can often give you the wrong things which can be Haram and cause you haram, Imam Ali warned people to be extra carefull when dealing with such things, but if done in a halal way then there is no wrong or harm.
Zadu tuna genarally speaking is just tricks of the hands, sometimes some peopel can hallucinate you into thinking somehting else.
However Black magic is true and iam sure it exist. Some peopel are capable with the help of the Shytan and his crowni jinns to do things for them or cause haram to others, if you read the two Qul saras, i.e. Qul auzobi rabbin nnas and Qul auzobi rabbil Falak, these suras allows humans to seek shelter from the jinns and the eveil design of man. '' I seek refuge in the lord of mankind, the owner of mankind, the lord of mankind, from the evil of the sneeking whesperers who whespers evil into the hearts of Mankind, i seek shelter from the evil man and the jinn''

the other Qul also talks of seeking refuge from Allah against the evil spirit,
Abdur Rahman
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Old 9th December 2000, 02:05
Hasan_Ali_Imam Hasan_Ali_Imam is offline
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Smile Magic/Occult

To 786Bangla,

Assalamu Alaikum.

The Paranormal is a vast, but nevertheless a very interesting subject. You will find plenty of books on this matter. There are various topics which I have read about are:

1. Astrology
2. Fortune-telling
3. Divination
4. Numerology
5. Ghosts/Apparitions/vampires
6. Satanic worship
7. Tarot Cards
8. Rune Stones
9. Black Magic/White magic
10. Exorcism
11. Out of body experiences
12. Reincarnation
13. Spiritual healing

(Note, I have excluded extra-terrestrials and aliens, as I don’t consider them to be in the domain of the paranormal. I have also left out telepathy, as I don’t know what the scientific stand on this, although I know that the CIA were very interested in telepathy, especially during the cold war against the USSR. I remember watching a documentary about experiments conducted by the CIA, they called it, ‘Remote Sensing’, i.e. being able to see what is happening at great distances)

Once you read up and understand these concepts and ideologies, then I am sure you would thank Allah (SWT) for the Quran and the Sunnah, as being the best guides for our lives.

Magic is indeed dangerous stuff, it does exist. It is the realm of the unknown, beyond our physical dimension. I have come across many books on this matter, but the one I possess is entitled, ‘Applied Magic and Aspects of Occultism’ by Dion Fortune. It talks about the various concepts of magic, which is linked with polytheism. For example she says,

“All the gods are one god; and all the goddesses are one goddesses and there is one initiator…She is called by many name by many men; but to all she is the Great Goddess, space and earth and water. As space she is called Rhea of the gods that made the gods…”

“Isis is the All-woman and all women are Isis. Osiris is the All-man and all males are Osiris. Isis is all that is negative, receptive and latent…”

Black magic is where people dabble in magic to cast spells to the detriment of others. You also have what is known as White Magic or Wicca, where spells are cast to help people. But in Islam, magic is magic.

A booklet which I think is an eye-opener and I would recommend you to read is entitled, ‘Music Exposed’ by Siraj (Ibn) Yusuf Lambat. It mainly focuses on hidden messages within music. The claim is that these messages can be found by ‘backtracking’ i.e. playing the music backwards. An example he cites is from Michael Jackson in his track, ‘Beat It’. Here’s how it goes:

Forward: ‘They’ll kick you, they’ll beat you, then they’ll tell you, it’s fair, so beat it, but you wanna be bad, just beat…’

Backward: ‘Believe in Satan, people all worship Satan, I do believe it was Satan in me’

Another example is Madonna in her track, ‘Like a Prayer’

Forward: ‘When you call my name its like a little prayer I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there in the midnight hour’

Backward: ‘O hear us Satan.’

There is an audio tape available in Muslim bookshops called, ‘From the Shadows’. It talks about the history of the Masonic movement and does include a section on backtracking. It did play a part of Madonna’s song, ‘Like a prayer’ forward and backward. When I listened to the backtracking of this piece, the voice was very muffled, but I was able to make out the sinister words, ‘O hear us Satan’.
What does this mean to people like me who likes Madonna’s songs? It is food for thought.

These examples may not me Black magic, but is within the context of Satan Worship and the Occult.

Br. Lambat cited an example of an English magician, Alestair Crowley, born in 1875 and he found his own secret society, the Astrum Argentinium. In about 1920, Crowley founded in Sicily an ‘Abbaye de Theleme’. His disciples could come there to receive instruction from him and participate in the ‘Sacred Orgy’ where both master and disciples had to practice a form of sexual magic and a great deal of hash and opium was consumed in the process. In Crowley’s book he states that, “You should learn to talk backwards, write backwards, make phonogram records backwards”. He also stated in his book, ‘The New Law of Man’ that:

“it (the New Law of Man) would one day replace the Koran as the law of man”

I have been trying to get hold of Crowley’s book but without success. I will try again…

Another book I highly recommend is entitled, ‘Satanic Voices’ by Daud Pidcock. He used to be a Freemason before embracing Islam. It does contain information which is rarely seen. He describes the secret society of Freemasonary as having many degrees which the members pass through. According to Pidcock most members believe there are only a few degrees within the organisation, whereas in fact there are 33 degrees. In the 18th (or 19th?) century, Albert Pike is said to have been at this level and was a Satan worshipper. Br. Pidcock does give an Islamic angle to Freemasonary, which is very interesting. I did visit the Grand Lodge in London ( the main Masonic temple) and we were given a guided tour. I did notice that in the main gathering hall, there was a painting of an eye in the ceiling. I asked the guide what it represented, and he replied that it was God…and he said that God was whoever we chose him to be. But if you read Pidcock’s book, I think you would work out who that 'god' is.

A while ago, I talked with a spiritual healer over the phone and was interested to learn more about this aspect of the paranormal. If I recall, she claimed that many ailments could be healed by spiritual healing. In 1989, I remember visiting a psychic exhibition in London and I did have a long discussion with someone who claimed to be able to tell people about their future. I cannot remember the exact details of our conversation, but he looked awfully drained of energy as he had been consulting other people prior to my visit! These people offer false hopes to people who don't think and don't question.

As far as Islam and magic is concerned, magic and the occult are recognised, they do exist, but it is an act of unbelief if we dabble in magic. Magic (jadoo in Bengali) seems to be common practice in Bangladesh if someone wants to harm others. And I have come across a piece of paper with Arabic writing on it, mixed with a verse from the Quran, with some Arabic numerals in a grid. And the content is surrounded by Arabic writing which winds back to itself in a circle. I won’t go into details of what it says, but it was meant to harm our family. I still have the sheet, because I know it won’t have one iota of impact except by Allah’s permission and it is He who we should rely on. But as you can see, magic is not something to be ignored, it is a serious matter indeed. But how do we protect ourselves from the evils of magic? I think the best books which I have come across that explains the Islamic view are:

‘Magic and Envy – In the Light of the Quran and Sunnah’ by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Sha’rawi. It explains magic and envy and cites examples in history (e.g. Moses (AS)) where the enemies used magic. Also an example from the Prophet (S) when someone cast a spell on him and how it was broken (basically Allah (SWT) broke it!).

‘The Fundamentals of Tawheed’ by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. It does give an excellent overview of Islamic Monotheism and has a chapter or two on magic, fortune-telling, amulets etc.

The Islamic way to ward off the effects of magic is by reciting Surah Naas, and Surah Falaq and also Ayat Al Kudsi (2:255)…and Br. Abdur Rahman did allude to this in his post. If you read the meanings, you will know why these verses are a good antidote! Basically we rely on Allah (SWT) for he has the power over all things, and we don’t need to use amulets, tabiz etc. (as I have seen many people in Bangladesh use) to ward off evil. I know there are Muslims who support the use of amulets. For example, I have a book entitled, ‘Ruqyah and Ta’wiz’ by Sheikh Muhammad Zaid Alfi-s Sani and Ayesha Abdullah Scott’ and it tries to support the use of talismans from an Islamic perspective. I have not been convinced by the book and if I compare the arguments put forward by this book and the above two books I mentioned (by Philips and Al-Sha’rawi) then the latter two books are more convincing. But you can be the judge of that.Common sense tells us that if we believe that amulets or charms with Quranic verses ward off evil, we are actually relying on Allah’s creation to protect us, rather than Allah Himself. So those two chapters of the Quran (Naas and falaq) and the Ayat Al Kudsi are enough to ward off any evil.

I suppose the only Black Magic I would highly recommend people to indulge in here in the UK is in a box of chocolates which bears that name… mmmm yummy yummy.


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Old 9th December 2000, 08:10
mhnew mhnew is offline
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Br. Abdur Rahman,

I probably was not clear on what I said. I apologize for that. I said in its extreme form. Some people tend to rely more on a Tabiz then direct prayer to God. You see numerous people who don't pray but believ their Tabiz is goin to protect them. I have worn things like Tabiz. No hard and fast rule here about it. Sorry, if I offended you. As for the incident you described, plz let me know of the Hadith book it's from. I have access to only certain Sahih books but I will try to read up on that part.

Br. Star and Br. Imam,

A few years ago, I listened to a tape titled Free Masonry and New World Order. They actually showed that some of Madonna's song and Hotel California by the eagles had certain satanic messages encoded in it. Its decipherable.
However, around the same time as part of my psych course I studied a little bit about subliminal perception and attempt to influence judgement using such techniques. Can tell you this much, it isn't very effective, so Inshallah we won't have to worry about this bringing about harm to us.

The love of justice in most men is only the fear of suffering injustice.
[i]La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680) French Classical Writer[/i]
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Old 9th December 2000, 18:12
Selina_Choudhury Selina_Choudhury is offline
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Assalam u alaikum brothers this is a very intersting topic mashallah some brothers have given a really intelligent answer. Esp Brother AR. Allah reward you all

. Yes AR i am NOT sucking up to you!! i mean it it was a Great reply

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