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Some Christian Denominations in Bangladesh

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Old 20th December 2012, 20:51
Aakaashbaani Aakaashbaani is offline
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Some Christian Denominations in Bangladesh

Some Christian Denominations in Bangladesh

1. Roman Catholic Church

2. Church of Bangladesh

3. Bangladesh Baptist Church Sangha

4. Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship

5. Assemblies of God Church

6. Seventh-Day Adventist Church (SDA Church)

7. Salvation Army

8. Nazarene Church

9. The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)

10. Churches of Christ

11. Garo Baptist Convention

12. Evangelical Lutheran Church

13. Sohobhagita Church

14. Bangladesh Presbyterian Church

15. Sylhet Presbyterian Synod

16. Evangelical Friends Church (Quaker)

17. Full Gospel Church

18. Foursquare Church

19. Bangladesh Methodist Church

20. Bangladesh Lutheran Churches

21. Bangladesh Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church

22. Talitha Koumi Evangelical Churches

23. Churches of God/Sonjukta Christio Mondoli Shamuher Sangha

24. Free Christian Churches of Bangladesh

25. Evangelical Church of Bangladesh

26. Evangelical Christian Church

27. Church of God- Lumdonbok

28. Church of God-Lalmonirhat

29. Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches

30. Bangladesh Free Baptist Churches

31. Church of Chist

32. S.I.M. Church

33. Leibenzell Mission

34. Mennonite Church

35. Jehova's Witness

36. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church/Mormon)

37. Christian Brethren

38. Reformed Church of Bangladesh

39. Holiness Churh

40. Calvary Apostolic Church (Fulbarigate, Khulna & Kaligram, Gopalganj )

41. Believers' Church

42. Amen Church

43. Bangladesh Evangelical Baptist Fellowship
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Old 21st December 2012, 07:02
Abbigail Abbigail is offline
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One True God?

@ Aakaashbaani

No idea what your message is, seeing as you are just copy/pasting and making lists....

But, have you ever wondered why there are so very many religions if there is only one true God?
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Old 16th February 2013, 17:32
shaggy shaggy is offline
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Christians are trying so hard to convert the poor bangladeshi Muslims to Christianity that they have sent all their denominations.

Bible is full of errors and contrafictions.
God does not make mistakes therefore his book cannot have mistakes.
As the Bible contain errors therefore cannot be from God.

Only scripture which has no errors or contradiction is the Quran.

To see the list of errors in the Bible please press the link- Answer Christianity - Christianity to Islam
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Old 14th March 2013, 15:31
naliwel naliwel is offline
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Would you or anyone else here show us true Christians the most serious error in the Holy Bible. I am happy to respond after that.
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Old 31st December 2013, 04:10
indigogirl indigogirl is offline
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The Bible certainly does not contradict itself. It's people who interpret the Bible to suit their own desires. Most Christians have it all wrong. Why is it that very few people take time to actually study Jewish history? Everything that Jesus said would happen has already happened. Read the documented history of Josephus. He witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple that Jesus had foretold would happen. No one reads the history of this event. Read Jesus' words in the Bible and the account of historian Flavius Josephus. Josephus was not a Christian. Most Christian religions today are false because they believe Bible prophecy is in the future. I am a Christian and I believe everything my Lord Jesus said. It has all come true. So before you blaspheme the Son of God, do your research and study history. You will find that the Bible has absolutely NO contradictions.
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Old 31st December 2013, 06:22
Abbigail Abbigail is offline
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Answering Prayers

Mr. Deity Episode 4: Mr. Deity and the Messages - YouTube
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Old 29th January 2014, 07:36
Aakaashbaani Aakaashbaani is offline
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Christianity is the best! Christians are doing many good works in Bangladesh. Bible is the best. Koran is full of contradictions.
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