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Sylheti Marriage Match- maker websites

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Old 3rd September 2006, 05:23
londoni_bangali londoni_bangali is offline
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Sylheti Marriage Match- maker websites

Hello everybody,

Just curious, has anyone noticed that there are not a single bangla marriage match-maker websites on the internet ?
There maybe Muslim Matrimonial (Match-maker) websites but I see no "Bengali Match-Maker" websites specifically targeted for bengalis from bangladesh only. I wonder why that is!
And, if some do exist, which I happen to miss, then I guess they do not list residents of bangladesh but bengalis residing outside bangladesh like india (calcutta, assam) uk, usa, canada, australia, etc. Am I right ? (shadi.com).
If I am wrong, then I guess again that, the bangla match-maker websites aren't be listing Sylheti residents much or atall but bengalis from other districts like Dhaka, Chittagong, etc. Again, I wonder why that is!

Is it true that, the majority of Sylhetis, who are searching for marriage-partners, nowadays list their details to offline gotoks ? If so, then how-come they never list their details on online match-maker websites (those that do exist at present) ?

What do you think is the cause for all this ? Do you reckon it's because the majority of Sylhetis never heard of the internet and don't know what it is or do you reckon it's because they don't know how to use a pc and the internet ?
Maybe, it's because they don't have access to the internet even if they know what it is and how to use the pc and internet ?
What do you think can be the immediate solution to this problem ?

I mean, anyone can open a bengali marriage match-maker website but I have a feeling that the majority of the members who subscribe would be bengalis residing outside bangladesh (who have access to the internet) but no members from residents of Sylhet who have no opportunity to step outside bangladesh.
My point is : There are lots of bengalis living outside bangladesh who prefer to marry some-one from back home and the online marriage match-maker websites cannot satisfy this audience. What can be done to solve this problem ?
If you're gonna fish, then you might aswell fish in the sea rather than a small pond which has very limited choice of fish.

Final curiosity : How much do you reckon the Sylhetis back home pay a gotok to list their details and how much do you reckon they pay the gotoks to find them bor and konna who have british/usa/canadian/australian citizenships and passports ? 1,000 taka ? 10,000 taka ?????
I bet these gotoks rip-off people real bad.
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Old 4th September 2006, 02:40
Windass10 Windass10 is offline
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Lol at you looking for marriage then?
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Old 23rd March 2011, 08:11
trahman80 trahman80 is offline
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Your post is quite old and I guess options were limited then. However, if someone is looking for a matrimonial site for Bangladeshi community, there are several sites available now. For example, you can visit Leading Bangladeshi marriage website - bride groom - patro patri - bor bodhu to find a suitable Bangladeshi life partner.
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