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GCSE Results: Bangladeshi Students Underachieve As Usual

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Old 23rd April 2004, 13:46
Amar-Sonar-Bangla Amar-Sonar-Bangla is offline
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Bangladeshi students below the national average

Students with 5 or more GCSE’s:

Chinese 73%
Indian 64%
White 51%
National Average 51%
Bangladeshi 45%
Black African 40%
Pakistani 40%
Black Other 37%
Black Caribbean 30%

Numbers of students:

White 2,707,404
Indian 80,916
Pakistani 76,474
Black Caribbean 42,146
Black African 40,313
Bangladeshi 29,188
Black Other 25,991
Chinese 12,033

Source: Department of Education and Skills

Just over half of white pupils (51%) achieved five or more top GCSE or GNVQ grades - the national average. They were significantly outperformed by pupils from Indian families, 64% of whom did that well. Doing best of all were the 12,000 or so Chinese pupils, 73% of whom got the top grades.

It is amazing to be able to see in solid facts and figures, just how much Bangladeshi’s are lagging behind others in academic achievement. Indian people share many of our cultural traits, came over at the same time as Bangladeshi’s (then East Pakistan), they faced similar problems in adjusting to life in the UK and yet we see them shooting ahead. I think it has to be said, Hindus definitely value and respect education and learning in comparison to Muslims.

I hope the new generation of GCSE students like aga_kha and other youngsters on B.Com can improve our standing. Hopefully, things can only get better.

'Victory forgives all and defeat nothing'.
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Old 23rd April 2004, 14:37
MAC MAC is offline
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Sad but true.

~ The World Is Nothing ~
~ But Finite ~
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Old 23rd April 2004, 14:38
Khilari Khilari is offline
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hey! we did better than pakistani students woohoo

i remember about 5-6yrs ago when i was in bangladesh, i told my cousin with immense distress, that Bangladesh was the world's second most corrupt nation (it was at the time, "ahead" of Nigeria)

his response was "good, at least we're not the worst"

and i reckon that's the attitude to have find positives wherever poss
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Old 23rd April 2004, 15:59
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i got a question

like on the list yeah it says there was over 2 million white kids doing the gcse at that time

and only about 29 thousand bengali ones

doesnt the number of gcse takers we had at that time have a effect on the results, like what i mean is like say the average for gettin over average amount of gcse results is 5/10 students...there was 10 white kids, 5 of them which got the required amount which would make there results 50%....whereas with the bengali's they had a average of 2/5...which would make there percentage lower out of 100% right? not due to them lacking behind, but due to them not having the numbers of people as the white ppl do

if im wrong, lord knows how i passed my maths gcse lol, all i know is i done my bit when i was in school, i got over the average amount, not by much, but at least i was part of a positive statistic

as for the indians being more superior academically, that doesnt surprise me at all, indians take pride in what there kids do or achieve, there like a proper family, all them stereotypes people have about asians is because of the trends indians set back in the days...yes we are similar to them but not quite to there level, we have our own ways

with all due respect to them,i highly doubt aga kha and bengali kids her age about to do there gcse will change anything, we'll still have bengali's lacking behind
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Old 23rd April 2004, 16:39
Khilari Khilari is offline
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snoop u have a point. u r a clever one behind all that jazz. the national average is affected by the number of students taking the exam (in this case 9 out of 10 of them were white)

stats is really complicated.

anway the national average doesnt really make a point in this article bcos (as u see) its the same as the white average cos they basically make up 90% of the whole lot (ie. almost all)

so the effect of the other ethnic groups on the "national average" is almost nothing.

what is interesting is the percentages by themselves. only 45% of bingos achieved 5 or more compared to the indians and chinese figures
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Old 23rd April 2004, 16:50
anisa22 anisa22 is offline
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is this 5 or more GCSE's above C grades

or just 5 or more GCSE's (A - G) full stop?

if its the latter.... geez, what a crappy statistic.

i think things are changing now.... more and more parents are getting competitive over how well educated their kids are, so that attitude is bound to be reflected in the pass rates in the coming years (ie they should be going up).

but it has to be said, at present 45% is a pretty pathetic figure, and theres no excuse for it as far as i can see.

Never underestimate the power of morons in large groups.

There is no such thing as truth, only perspective.
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Old 23rd April 2004, 18:03
Khilari Khilari is offline
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they must b all like you anisa. slackers
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