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Old 25th July 2000, 12:58
faruque_ahmed faruque_ahmed is offline
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Security Council's Genocide!

Could you kindly let me know that since the cessation of the Gulf Massacre in 1990;
 Who have authorised the Brits and Yanks to bomb Iraq?
 How many combat missions have been or are being carried out in Iraq?
 How many sorties have been fired on Iraq?
 How many cruise missiles have been fired on Iraq?
 How much depleted uranium shells and other chemicals were dumped on Iraq?
 Are these radioactive materials and chemicals going to damage, initially Iraq and then gradually, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the region?
 Is it a long-term US/UK plan to depopulate the whole area & hand over the management of it to somebody else like Israel?
 How many people and animals were slaughtered because of the relentless bombings in Iraq?
 Why is it 500 000 Iraqi children under five have been murdered by them being denied the most basic medicine?
 How many Iraqi women and elderly people were murdered by denying them the most basic medicine and food items?
 Who originally shared the bed and bunker with Saddam Hussein and supported the butchering of the Iranians & Kurds?
 Why did the US and UK encourage the Kurds and Shiites to rise against Saddam but later abandoned them and allowed the very same people to be massacred by Saddam?
 Who gave Saddam all of those so called weapons of mass destruction in the first place?
 On what basis did Madeline Albright say, "these murders are worthwhile"?
 On what basis James Rubin of the US State Department dismiss the above mentioned figures (500 000 Iraqi children under 5 murdered) which were provided by the UN ?
 Why did three heads of the UN mission in Iraq resign?
 Why are there so many Neutral Zones between Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia ..?
 Why did the US and UK muzzle the Security Council?
 How many US/UK troops are suffering from the "Gulf War" Syndrome?
 Why have so many Iraqis suffered from various types of cancers and other unusual diseases?

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Old 25th July 2000, 17:43
Dhakai Dhakai is offline
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Sir you got very interesting and serious matter to discuss.

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Old 25th July 2000, 21:00
faruque_ahmed faruque_ahmed is offline
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Thanks for your information.

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Old 16th February 2001, 13:12
Beirut-82 Beirut-82 is offline
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Good points to raise, Faruque. Iraqis have been treated worse than animals. The sanctions are an obscenity.
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