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Bengali Food.

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Old 18th April 2004, 09:45
Ms-Bored Ms-Bored is offline
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Shutki is ok - well some of it!

Me ma makes it really nicely, i like it sometimes with new pot's but other than that i think it really stinks!!

I must admit i do love the "isha" (dried prawns) shutki, and its even more lovely when me ma dry roasts them in a dry pan and makes it into a salad style with fresh thinly sliced onions, tomatoes, corrianda, dried chilli's if non then green chilli's ok! and maybe some mustard oil! and little salt!! mmmmmm

its even nice with the above and add some dry roasted "hattol" (grapefruit) beesee (seeds)... all mashed up!! or maybe with thinly grilled potatoes!!

Ms. Bored
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Keep Smiling!
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Old 18th April 2004, 16:12
aga_kha aga_kha is offline
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Originally posted by Mashdosh
i jus typed in hutki in google and this website came up, so i logged onto the site, and saw what u guys had to write, and i couldnt stop laughing, i had to sign up to this site to talk about hutki.

well hutki is sum bluddy smelly crap, and most people dont know the truth behind how its made, thats why they eat it, well i guess yr all wondering how its made now... wonder no more my dear friends i shall explain.

1. fish is caught from the rivers and lakes
2. a hole is dug in the ground
3. the fish are put in the hole, and left there for about 1 week untill they rot
4. they are taken out and then cooked into the infamous 'hutki shira' with the potatoes.

well there you go, i guess many of u guys wont eat hutki no more. Muuhahaha. lol

and as with gwaa, that stuff is a good buzz wen u got no blaze u jus have to keep chewing on that and and u'll get sum major head rush

and lastly mukhi is sum good stuff, wen u eat that stuff wiv rice and yr curry it bonds the rice together and and jus makes it much nicer to eat.

anyways its been good taking about hutki and gwaa and mukhi, i shall post more messages about bengali types of food and how they are made. lol
lol i know how its made. i saw people making it in BD. n all the maggots n crap are on it. yuck-so i dint eat it for ages.

i think my mums bringing home loadsa hutki from BD, so the kitchen ic gonna b smelling of it.
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Old 3rd May 2004, 12:33
-Samia- -Samia- is offline
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hey bangali khabar mane shudu maach ar paan na!
how about khashir rezala (love the one fakhruddin makes!), borhani(better than any carbonated drink or shorbot) and our very own seekh kebab (others prefer to call it bihari kabab though)...onek din dhore kono biye attend kori na.

and...shingara! not to forget, roshgolla.
btw, did anyone happen to taste ambala's biryani? they used to make it in 1999-2001...don't know if they still make 'em.
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Old 27th January 2005, 13:36
Oporazita Oporazita is offline
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Hay Do you know the receipe of DHOOM !!!

Stay with me
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Old 28th January 2005, 11:52
jhaka_naka jhaka_naka is offline
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Thumbs up disgusting topic

tomorrow is hartal so i am thinking how to feed any one youe aga or haga whatever it is.
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Old 14th February 2006, 08:40
wjhjsx wjhjsx is offline
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