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[i]Originally posted by desi_sunny
Let's not question other religion. Stay with yours. Let's respect all different types of religions. [/b]
there is nothing wrong in questioning religions and their text!!they need to be questioned, if they deserve our respect. Following like blind sheeps breeds ignorance!!

Every religion is created by man, they can't be flawless!!they have to evolve with times if they want to survive.

Hinduism has evolved and adopted new thoughts and new ways of life...since its birth some roughly 7 thousand years ago from maitrism. Hinduism has survived though 7,000 years...and still today its the 3rd largest religion followed round the world...that itself is commendable.

Very few, Hindus know that a PART of their religion and gods were imported from old persian aryan religion of 'Maitrism'.And Rig-veda was influenced by Vendidad in zend-avesta of Zorastrians.

The Aryans imported their ancient Sky-God Varuna [cf. Greek Ouranos], whose power and wisdom is revealed in the light of the Sun (‘the eye of Mitra and Varuna’). He knows the cosmic secrets in the upper regions, and all deeds done or not done, and he sees the truth and falsehood of men. He has many eyes, especially in the night sky, and employs spies in the trees (presumably fireflies), who watch to see if men walk the righteous path. The Natural Law (Rita) of the universe was established by Varuna – and the word Arya refers to one who conforms to this Law. He separated the primordial Dyausprithivi, to reveal Dyaus (Sky – cf. Zeus) and Prithivi (Earth).

The Aryans, however, praised most highly the demon-slaying warrior-god Indra, who became their ‘King of Gods’. The Rig-Veda Samhita includes numerous prayers addressed to Indra, imploring his help in vanquishing the enemy, capturing their cattle, and acquiring their wealth. His preferred oblation is Soma, a plant said to grow on Mujavat Mountain and which was prepared as an inebriating drink. This is presumably Ephædra intermedia Schrenk. & Meyer 1846, which grows in the western Himalayas, western Tibet, and across Afghanistan, where the plant is known as Huma. It's distribution extends into Iran (cf. Arya), and it is recognized by Zoroastrians as the Haoma plant of their Zend Avesta. Ephædra intermedia is restricted to alpine habitats (2,500 - 4,800 m); and it contains alkaloids (chiefly pseudo-ephedrine) with strong tonic and stimulant properties. Other Ephædra species may have been used: e.g. the more widely distributed E. gerardiana Wall. 1828, which contains principally ephedrine.

There is clear connexion between the four chief Adityas (solar gods) of the early Rig-Veda (Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, and Bhaga) and the Avestan Ahura Mazda, Mithra, Airiyaman, and Baga. The early Vedic Asura Varuna is equivalent with Avestan Ahura Mazda, the Lord of High Knowledge, who is manifest as Varana (the Sky) and is the keeper of Asa or Arta (the fundamental ethical principal of Zoroastrianism).

No religion or culture was developed without outside influence....God does not dictate books to us...
infact, we created God!!we dressed him up!! we created a family for him...We immortalised him in our respective texts...and to question our own creation is not a sin!!

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