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Originally posted by kazanova3
They believe that there are three principal gods: Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. Brahma creates; Shiva destroys; and Vishnu preserves. One makes, another breaks, and another keeps.

Each of these three have consorts. Brahma's wife is Saraswati. Shiva's wife is Parbatti. And Vishnu's wife is Lakshmi. As is already obvious, these gods are described as having very human characteristics. How can one of these or the three together create, govern and preserve the universe?

These gods also have human limitations and needs. For example, Shiva is known for his attachment to his wife. The religious books of the Hindus describe how Shiva was once busy with his wife when a saint came to see him. He did not pay proper respect to the saint, since he was occupied with his wife. The saint therefore put a curse on him with the result that today Shiva is worshipped in a representation as a male phallic symbol, called the lingam. His wife Parbatti is likewise worshipped in the representation of a female sexual part, called the yoni. Hindus look for stones that resemble these shapes and set them up for worship. They also deliberately carve such shapes to bow down before them. In some temples of Shiva you will find in the courtyard the two shapes together, one inserted in the other

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