Isra' & Mi'raj - Dhaka Division, Dhaka

Religious - Dhaka Division - Dhaka

When: All Day, Monday, 20 July 2009
Note: this event may have passed, search for another

Where: City Center, Dhaka, Dhaka Division


This event commemorates the Prophet Muhammad's Night Journey and Ascension. In the year 619AD, amidst much turmoil and persecution of the Muslim community, the Prophet Muhammad visited the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the city of Jerusalem (isra') at night. He had an experience where he was raised up into heaven (mi'raj) to have a face-to-face encounter with previous prophets. He was given specific instructions as to aspects of worship the Muslim community should observe and saw this as encouragement to endure the trials they were experiencing at the time.

Isra' & Mi'raj is not necessarily observed by all Muslims. Those who choose to do so, take the opportunity to reflect on the Prophet Muhammad's experience, while taking time to remember lessons learned from it, such as the significance of Jerusalem in Islam; the value of daily prayer;and the importance of patience during adversity.



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