Victory Day (Bijôe Dibôsh) - Dhaka Division, Dhaka

Political - Dhaka Division - Dhaka

When: All Day, Thursday, 16 December 2010
Note: this event may have passed, search for another

Where: City Center, Dhaka, Dhaka Division


The 16th of December each year is a national holiday in Bangladesh known as Victory Day, or Bijôe Dibôsh. This annual event is in commemoration of the end of the nine-month long Liberation War when the Pakistani Army surrendering to the Indo-Bangladeshi High Command in the city of Dhaka on 16 December 1971. The war for independence had been bravely fought by the Mukti Bahini, also known as the 'Freedom Fighters', or simply 'FF'

On 16 December 1972, the constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh was enacted, added significance to this day in the country's history.



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