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Bird Watching in Bangladesh

Bird watching in Bangladesh is easy! All you need is a pair of binoculars, a sturdy pair of hiking shoes and a little patience. Leave everything else to Mother Nature.

There are 12 bird sanctuaries in Bangladesh, but the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is the most famous and the largest bird sanctuary in Asia - being home to over 300 of resident bird species. The sanctuary is also a renowned refuge for migratory birds like barons, ibis, pelicans and painted storks that make Bharatpur their temporary home during the winter months.

Although covering a total area of only 29 square kilometers (11 of which are marshes and grassland) Bharatpur is a birdlover's paradise and shouldn't be missed. The Sanctuary is open throughout the year, but the ideal months for visiting Bangladesh are from August-November for resident breeding birds and October- February for migrant birds.

While visitors can walk at their leisure on well-defined forest trails, bird lovers can also take a ride on a rickshaw or take a boat. Bird watching excursions are offered throughout the day, but sightseeing ventures in early morning or late evening may prove to be the most interesting.



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Lois Gahm - 2010-08-01 23:43:32

I'm interested in birding in Bangladesh. There are certain birds that I'm most interested in seeing. Here's a few--A parrot-bill,Hodgon's frogmouth, and button quiql. You have several species of the buttonquail and parrotbill. If I can get one species of each I'll be happy. You also have an earednightjar which I'd like to see. As you know these are bird families that I'm trying to get plus I'd like to go to Bangladesh as I've never been there Thanks Lois Gahm

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