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“1971” – a Bangladeshi Liberation War Documentary

The Bangladesh Liberation War is a significant part of the history of the country, and lasted from the 26th of March 1971 until the 16th of December 1971. War broke out during this time between East and West Pakistan. West Pakistan became Pakistan by the end of the war, and East Pakistan is known today as Bangladesh. Finding a formidable ally in India, the East Pakistan forces were able to drive the West Pakistani armed military from their territory and gain their independence as Bangladesh. Unfortunately, independence came with a price and sacrifice, and a story of heroism and courage that every citizen of Bangladesh should know about.

Sharing and educating the troubled, yet victorious, heritage with the youth of Bangladesh is vital, as it not only keeps the battles and history alive, but creates an awareness and pride in the history of Bangladesh. In order to bring the story of Bangladesh to life, legendary film director, Tanvir Mokammel, has taken on the challenge to produce a non-profit documentary and show it at educational institutions and schools.

Citibank, in Dhaka, have committed their support to the project through financial assistance, to ensure that the film, named “1971”, can be completed by its envisioned deadline of December, as they too realize the importance and value of the film. With the help and collaboration of the Bangladesh film industry, Tanvir Mokammel will be screening a 120 minute documentary that consists of new footage, but also has inserts of footage that was taken during this time, from international agencies and local footage.

The original footage that survived the war brings the images of the struggles and obstacles that were faced by Bangladesh into the present time. Historical moments of the past are flashed onto the world of today, helping the youth to understand how their freedom and independence was won through the determination and faith of everyday citizens. The documentary, “1971”, is a frank look into the archives of the country and the hearts of every person who loves Bangladesh, as much as their forefathers loved East Pakistan. The national liberation of East Pakistan, and the founding of Bangladesh is a heritage that each citizen can, and should, be proud of. Through this emotional and liberating documentary, the roots and culture of Bangladesh, can live on for future generations.



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Srabon - 2010-09-27 13:03:56

Dear M.A.R Have u ever read read any history book regarding India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh??? Can I have my ans?

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Ali - 2010-07-20 20:03:47

My dear Bengali brothers if you wanted to live like bengalis and to promote your language and culture, then why did you betray Jinnah and his Pakistan? Why did you come under the flag of Muslim League, and didn't join India if they are so nice and formidable ally? Can i have my answers
Mr. M.A.R, please try to read some history books before you ask questions. Not the books they provide in Pakistani madrassas or schools. But, go to a university and read history books written by neutral authors (from others non-desi countries). Jinnah forced West Bengal to take Urdu as the official language and banned Bengali studies in universities. That is what caused the language revolution. East Pakistan was treating Bengalis like slaves. They raped thousands of women and killed children. What do you expect in return? Bangladesh did not join India because India never looked to take Bangladesh. India is happy with the land and people it has. India is not after Pakistan either. Just leave Kashmir alone and India has no reason to bother with Pakistan.

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Asif - 2010-05-03 03:34:42

It's not like the people of East Bengal had a choice in joining Pakistan or even India for that matter; this was what the British wanted. Jinnah was just a puppet of the British so they could divide and conquer Bharat, even while feigning decolonisation. As a Muslim from India, I hate the Muslim league and what it stands for (just like I hate the BJP or the RSS or the VHP, or any of the Hindu fundamentalist groups) - hate and sectarianism. I love secular parties like the Indian National Congress. Furthermore, the 1947 partition was by no means justified. You raise the issue of brotherhood, but are not we all brothers of one another? Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, sare hai bhai bhai!

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